Progressive Dems FED UP With “Ineffective” Biden, Look to Primary Him In 2024 (Details)


Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris revealed recently who he believes will be the Democrat nominee for president in 2024 – and it isn’t Joe Biden.

Per Morris, Democrats will ultimately choose between Hillary Clinton, AOC, Pete Butt, and Cory Booker.

Now, a new report came out on Monday saying that the ridiculously far-left wing of the liberal party will look to primary Joe.

From The Daily Wire:

Progressive Democrats will reportedly look to primary President Joe Biden in 2024 as dissatisfaction with the president grows within the party.

Politico reported that some in the party are now talking about treating him like former President Jimmy Carter, who was challenged in a primary in 1980.

The report went on to note, “No one now in office — and none of the top-tier presidential contenders from 2020 — is viewed as a serious prospect to take on Biden. Nor is there any expectation that Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both of whom have enjoyed a significant amount of influence in the Biden administration, would primary Biden. Instead, liberals believe lesser-known candidates are more likely to primary Biden if he seeks a second term, such as former Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner, 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson or millionaire and $18-an-hour minimum wage advocate Joe Sanberg.”

Biden is simply another raging hypocrite who will do anything to get and maintain power – period.

From Daily Wire:

Democrat President Joe Biden will not push major companies to drop their sponsorship of the Beijing Olympic Games over communist China’s genocide of religious minorities, according to his secretary of commerce.

The lack of action against China comes after Biden pushed Major League Baseball (MLB) to pull its All Star Game from Georgia earlier this year after the state passed new voter integrity laws, which Biden repeatedly lied about. Atlanta potentially lost more than $100 million in revenue from the boycott.


However, when it comes to standing up against China, which represents the greatest threat to freedom around the globe, the Biden administration said this week that it will not push companies to drop their sponsorships of the games, despite the administration doing the bare minimum by announcing a diplomatic boycott, which some other countries are also doing.


First Lady Jill Biden apparently doesn’t believe Americans are smart enough to see things for themselves.

From The Daily Wire:

First lady Jill Biden laughed off questions about her husband’s mental fitness for office during a CBS News interview that aired on Sunday morning.

When asked if President Joe Biden’s plummeting poll numbers bothered her, Jill Biden responded, “You know, I look at it a little differently.”

Jill noted, “During the campaign, Joe made certain promises, things that he would do. And we were going through a pandemic, which no one could have anticipated. So he did come in and rescue America with the American Rescue Plan. And millions of families got money, because they were desperate. We have vaccines for kids, ages five and up. And now with the infrastructure plan, we’re going to have better roads and better buildings that don’t have asbestos, better drinking water.”

The host then asked Jill, “So, do you figure once the public kind of comprehends this, things will turn around?”

She blabbered, “I do. I do.”


This story syndicated with permission from Johnny Salvatore – Trending Politics

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