Trump Calls Out Alleged FBI Informant Ray Epps During Arizona Rally

President Trump held his first rally of 2022 in Florence, Arizona where he talked to thousands of his supporters decked out in MAGA gear. Trump talked on several key topics which included election fraud, vaccine mandates, immune systems, Biden’s disastrous foreign policies, and even called out at one point the FBI for allegedly sending informants to the Capitol on January 6th.

During the rally, Trump boldly asked the question “Exactly how many of those present at the capitol complex on January 6th were FBI confidential informants, agents or otherwise working directly or indirectly with an agency within the United States Government?“.

Trump then went on to call out alleged FBI informant Ray Epps, who was seen on video on January 5th and 6th telling Trump supporters to storm the Capitol. The 45th president said ‘why didn’t that one guy… Epps who was telling everybody to go inside of the Capitol, never arrested?’

Watch the moment Trump questioned what really happened on January 6th, here:

The alleged FBI informant Trump was talking about Ray Epps was originally listed on the FBI’s wanted list, after a video of him on January 5th and 6th went viral. In the viral video Epps was seen telling a huge crowd of Trump supporters to go inside of the Capitol, Trump supporters, however, didn’t entertain Epps but instead started chanting “Fed“.

Watch the video Trump was referring to here:

The January 6th committee has yet to do a true investigation of what occurred on January 6th. Instead of issuing subpoenas for suspicious characters like Epps, they are instead issuing subpoenas to General Flynn, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, and many more Republican voices that have supported Trump.

Trump would then turn his attention to some of his supporters that were arrested for trespassing on January 6th and stated that they are being treated as political prisoners. According to ABC 15 News, Trump then turned his attention to ANTIFA and was quoted saying:

“January 6th has become the democrats excuse to an unprecedented assault of civil rights and liberties. An appalling persecution of political prisoners.”

“Why aren’t they doing it to Antifa and to Black Lives Matter and to many other…left-leaning groups? We had people trying to burn down our country…and nothing happened to these people.”

Staying on the topic of January 6th, Trump proceeded to call out the Capitol Officer who killed Ashli Babbit and called him a disgrace. Although Trump didn’t refer to Capitol Officer Lt. Michael Byrd by name, he slammed the officer for taking an interview with NBC News and publicly announcing he shot and killed Ashli Babbit. “And by the way, if that happened the other way around they’d be calling ‘let’s bring back the electric chair” Trump was quoted saying.

Trump does have a point, if a female member of BLM was shot and killed inside of the Capitol Building then the MSM media would portray the BLM rioter as a victim and Democrat lawmakers would more than likely hold a vigil, wear pins honoring the victim, and gaslight the situation.

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