FBI Says Communist China Spying Is Massive, Trying To Catch Up!

American citizens generally expect their elected officials to act as servants, looking out for their best interests and the safety of the nation as a whole.

Unfortunately, a growing number of uneducated voters continue to elect politicians who are enriching themselves while spending the nation into financial ruin.

These politicians with annual salaries below $250K are somehow becoming wealthy while allowing nations that are at war economically and possibly, long-term, militarily with the U.S. to prosper at the expense of their constituents.

As a result of these politicians getting entwined financially with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), The Red Dragon has grown in strength and is taking steps towards world dominance.

RCG reports:

Many items purchased in the “Western world,” particularly North America, have a “Made in China” label on them. North American businessmen now refer to the “China price” with a look of either fear or glee in their eyes.

When international oil and gas prices rose recently, part of the blame was directed at China’s near-insatiable demand. Natural resource companies are just now experiencing a major influx of Chinese interest, investment and even control. Diplomatic and financial deals have been made in order to secure key commercial and strategic shipping routes and ports. Modern Chinese cities have greatly expanded in only ten years—indeed, they are virtually unrecognizable from 20 years ago.

Chinese espionage in the U.S. is so extensive that the FBI is currently launching an average of two counterintelligence investigations a day to keep up with the onslaught, FBI Director Christopher Wray reported this week.

In an interview with NBC News, Wray noted that when he became the director in 2017, he was stunned by the sheer amount of Chinese spying that was already underway in the U.S.

They have not slowed down since then. Wray said the FBI opens a new China-related counterintelligence investigation approximately every 12 hours. The bureau currently has over 2,000 such cases ongoing.

“There is no country that presents a broader, more severe threat to our innovation, our ideas, and our economic security than China does,” he said, adding that “the scale of their hacking program, and the amount of personal and corporate data that their hackers have stolen, is greater than every other country combined.”

According to Wray, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government steals “staggering” amounts of information, causing “deep, job-destroying damage across a wide range of industries — so much so that … we’re constantly opening new cases to counter their intelligence operations, about every 12 hours or so.”

“There is just no country that presents a broader threat to our ideas, our innovation, and our economic security than China,” he said.

Beijing uses an “insidious” strategy of announcing their desire to build up various industries — “like robotics, green energy production and vehicles, aerospace, biopharma, and so on,” as Wray put it.

And then, they throw every tool in their arsenal at stealing that technology to succeed in those areas,” he went on. “Here in the US, they unleash a massive, sophisticated hacking program that is bigger than those of every other major nation combined. Operating from pretty much every major city in China, with a lot of funding and sophisticated tools, and often joining forces with cybercriminals, in effect, cyber mercenaries.”

The frustrating thing for me is, as the CCP, India, and Russia aggressively move to increase their position in the world, the United States is allowing millions of illegal aliens from over 150 nations to invade our southern border.

At the same time, these same nations’ citizens are awarded tens of thousands of tech jobs via H1B VISAS, hundreds of thousands of their youth are allowed to attend our schools, and their wealthy are allowed to purchase thousands of properties/businesses on U.S. soil.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show.
Website ETTALKSHOW, and social media platforms, MAGABOOKTwellit & Twitter.

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