NO FRAUD BOXES – Big Ruling By Wisconsin Supreme Court

History shows the reality that former President Donald J. Trump was crushing the 2020 elections, especially in several swing states, well at least until millions of mystery ballots started appearing at ballot processing facilities around 4 AM in PA, WI, GA, AZ, MI.

Universal mail-in ballots plus Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s non-profits unmonitored drop boxes were identified as 2 of the sources used by the left to insert the illegal votes.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) issued memos to Wisconsin clerks in March and August of 2020 encouraging their use, stating that absentee ballots do not need to be mailed by the voter or delivered by the voter, in person, to the municipal clerk but instead could be dropped into a dropbox. According to WEC, ballot drop boxes can be unstaffed, temporary, or permanent.

This broke Wisconsin law compelling a local attorney, Karen Mueller from the Amos Center for Justice and Liberty, to try to get these ballot boxes removed through the courts since they were not authorized by the legislature, who alone has the authority over how elections are to be conducted per the Wisconsin State Constitution.

On her website, you can find a number of documents, including her petition with the Wisconsin court where she filed a case against the Wisconsin Elections Commission claiming the drop boxes were not legal for many reasons including they violated Wisconsin law.  She claimed:

…drop box sites for ballots throughout Wisconsin, were in fact, illegal, since neither Wisconsin Elections Commission members nor county clerks had the legislative power and authority to create and to designate such drop boxes as “official” places where ballots could be cast and received and counted under current Wisconsin law.

Unfortunately, her case was eventually dismissed without comment by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

A couple of weeks ago The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed a lawsuit on behalf of two Waukesha County voters in June 2021 challenging the legal status of absentee ballot drop boxes after WEC issued unlawful guidance to clerks, in 2020, encouraging the use of absentee ballot drop boxes, and telling voters that anyone else can return their ballot for them.

A judge in Waukesha County ruled in favor of the WILL’s clients, banning the use of ballot boxes in the upcoming April election.

As expected the case was appealed by the state, with the Appeals Court issuing a stay on the action from the lower court. The appeals court’s ruling was appealed up to the WI State Supreme Court.

Surprisingly On Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted to uphold the lower court’s ruling that the unconstitutional ballot drop boxes could not be used for the upcoming April election.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

A closely divided state Supreme Court ruled Friday that it would allow a lower court decision to go into effect that will ban the use of ballot drop boxes for the April election.

Drop boxes can still be used for next week’s primaries and it’s possible the high court will change course and allow them for other elections.

While a final decision is yet to come, Friday’s 4-3 ruling suggests the use of ballot drop boxes could soon come to an end in Wisconsin. Drop boxes became popular during elections in 2020 as the coronavirus spread across the state…

…The majority in Friday’s decision consisted of the four justices who were elected with the support of Republicans. The three justices elected with backing from Democrats were in dissent.

The case appears to hinge on the views of Justice Brian Hagedorn, who was elected with Republican help in 2019.

Last month he joined the liberals in the 4-3 decision that said the drop boxes could be used in February. In Friday’s decision, he flipped and sided with the court’s conservatives.

This decision by the one Justice to finally get on the right side of the law is huge and if the court stays 4-3, the boxes will go the way of the dinosaur, which will significantly hurt the democrat’s chances of keeping the state blue in the 2022 mid-terms and 2024 presidential elections.

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson – Trending Politics  

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson – Trending Politics

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