OPINION: Prince Andrew Sex Case Has Morphed Into A Dirty Political Battle

The international frenzy surrounding the Prince Andrew sex case has begun, not at all unpredictably, to morph into a political attack against existence of a Monarchy today, led by the usual left-wing, anti-British Harry and Meghan Stans.

This comes as sources close to claimant Virginia Giuffre says she wants to write a tell-all book. Who saw that coming!?

As part of the agreement with Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Virginia Giuffre will have to wait until after the Queen Jubilee year to speak publicly about her claims.

It is thought the Prince was eager to settle the matter quickly in order to protect Her Majesty’s dignity during her Platinum Jubilee year.

In a civil court case, Prince Andrew, 61, agreed to fork out an eye-watering £10-12 million to Giuffre, now known by her married name, Roberts after she claims she had sex with him at numerous star-studded parties when she was 17.

At 17, an individual can legally marry (with parental consent) and have legal consensual sex in numerous Western nations including Britain, Canada, and many US States – but Virginia claims she was trafficked and forced to have sex with the Prince three times in different countries.

Although Andrew repeatedly protested his innocence, the deal was agreed out of court yesterday – a move which Royal experts believe was designed to distinguish the ordeal as the Jubilee year commences.

It was reported in the Times that sources close to Virginia made hints suggesting she will continue to sell her story to the media, perhaps even publishing a tell-all book – but under the agreement reached in court, she will have to wait until later in the year to do so.

After this period, Virginia will be free to continue to profit from her story, which has been enveloped in a media frenzy since its breaking in 2015. This was when Virginia first made her claims against Andrew during a defamation case against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, although the allegation was dismissed at the time.

Since then, Virginia, who now lives in Australia with her husband, has engaged in countless exclusive interviews with the world’s media. Speaking to Time, she insisted the furor “is not some sordid sex story. This is a story of being trafficked. This is a story of abuse and this is a story of you guys’ Royalty”.

Indeed, by all accounts there seems to be a strong political undercurrent secretly interwoven in the skeleton of this situation, little waves of which spontaneously bubble to the surface.

You didn’t have to be Eagle-eyed if you were using Twitter in Britain last night to spot the ‘’Abolish The Monarchy’’ hashtag unsurprisingly trending – the usual suspects at the helm. European Union flags in their usernames and undoubtedly Harry and Meghan magnets on their fridges.

Left-wing British politicians couldn’t be left out of the strategic attack for long. Earlier today, Labour Party Member of Parliament for York, Rachael Maskell insisted Andrew should give up his titles out of “respect for the people of York.

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer was caught on camera boasting of supporting the abolition of the Monarchy in a video from 2015.

As usual, the super-woke are too blinded by their hatred and jealousy to consider the innumerable benefits a monarchy provides – from the stability gained from a political neutral figurehead to the guarding against the potential rise of a political dictatorship.

Undoubtedly, Prince Andrew will continue to serve as a convenient poster-boy for lefty demands for the abolishing of the British Monarchy. With Harry and Meghan as their unofficial patrons and the mainstream media only too eager for another feeding frenzy, this political movement is unlikely to relent.

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

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