Rainbow Down – Cambridge University To Stop Flying ‘Divisive’ LGBT Flag

In a move that makes sense logically to most, but not to the radical WOKE movement, Cambridge University will not allow an LGBQ+ nor any other non-university affiliated flags to fly on campus moving forward.

As expected the social justice activists are outraged at Cambridge for removing the LGBTQ+ flag over concerns that promoting political ideologies serves to “divide” the student body.

Gonville and Caius College Council has decided that only the College flag will be flown from the flagpole (02/02). This brings an end to the six-year tradition of flying the pride flag and more recently the progress flag that was flown during LGBT history month last year.

Well in a lesson they did not want to learn, a majority of fellows at the College’s General Meeting voted in favor of a motion that would prohibit the flying of all flags, besides the college’s own colors.

After the motion was ratified by the College Council, a statement was released explaining the decision: “The College flag is a symbol which unites all in the Caius community. Choosing to fly only the College flag avoids concerns regarding political neutrality and the difficulty of choosing between the plurality of good causes for which a flag could be flown.”

“Flags flown to express opinions about causes and issues, have the potential to divide us. All of us are Caians, so the College flag speaks for all of us. No other flag does.”

The elite school noted that students still have “considerable freedom” to “publically express their own support for causes”, pointing to a recent rule change allowing “the display of any legal flag, poster, or similar by students in their rooms, including outward-facing ones”. “A fair balance between the freedom of individual students to express their political views and the need for Caius itself, as an educational charity, to remain politically neutral,” they added.

Breitbart reports

Yet, students at the typically woke university have blasted the decision, with masters student Natasha Naidu writing: “Feeling betrayed to learn that the CaiusCollege Council voted to ban the flying of any flag other than the college banner at Caius, just a day after the progressive pride flag was flown for the first time.”

PhD student Anthony Bridgen also said that he felt “bitterly disappointed” by the move, saying: “It is symbolic of an entrenched, majority cis male, majority white, majority fusty fellowship who neither know nor want to know about the injustices faced by minorities.”

The decision by the university is surprising and goes again the massive flow of overtly embracing the homosexual movement. It even goes against Cambridge’s further move to the left.

In October, for example, the Homerton College at the university announced that it would be adding trigger warnings to classic texts and children’s books such as Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat over alleged racist symbolism within the text.

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