The Left’s War on Liberty Reaches New Heights

Brandon is pushing gun control, using, as is usual for the left, a recent tragedy to try and convince people that yet more gun laws are the solution to their woes. Any glance at the effectiveness of past gun laws will show why that’s absurd, but it’s what our rotting eggplant in chief is up to.

Meanwhile, while the eggplant demands you hand over your handgun, his lackeys in and outside the government are attacking other liberties once held as sacred. Joe Rogan is under assault for exercising his right to free speech and bringing on guests to say things that must not be said about the Chinese flu and the jab. Social media platforms routinely censor those that don’t toe the party line. FBI apparatchiks are classifying parents that don’t want their kids learning CRT as domestic terrorists. Oh, and political prisoners are locked up in DC for exercising their right to protest on Jan. 6th.

And all that is after years of Obama using the IRS for political ends, going after those who disliked him with the hammer of the revenue collection service and its bureaucracy.

What does all that amount to? A war on liberty itself.

In America, it used to be the case that the different sides disliked each other but let each go his own way, so long as that didn’t infringe on the rights of others and were generally fitting within the Western tradition.

The left even used to push that idea, demanding free speech and freedom to act in the way they pleased. Their proclivities might have been distasteful and their speech vapid, but at least they were in support of liberty.

Not so now, and no, it’s not a hypocrisy thing. Rather, it’s a cynical use of power thing; the left cynically used liberty as its entry into power and then, once there, did what conservatives are often unwilling to do and wielded that power with a vengeance.

So, our liberties are under attack. Gun rights are in the regime’s crosshairs, people are routinely censored for not doing or saying what the regime wants them to do or say, and the very idea of bodily autonomy is under attack from the likes of Anthony Fauci.

The solution isn’t to rend garments and cry about the left’s “hypocrisy” in no longer supporting free speech, the right to protest, etc. now that it’s in power, especially when that speech is directed against it.

Rather, it’s to regain power and then wield it like the left does, albeit for noble goals rather than tyrannical ones. We must use power to preserve liberty, whether that means cracking down on censorious companies or counter-attacking those delusional tyrants pushing gun control measures.

If we’re to get ourselves out of this hole and protect our liberty, it will mean using power in a way conservatives often shy away from. That might be uncomfortable, but it’s the only path forward.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Liberty Leader

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