Woke Professor TRIGGERED By This Restaurant Ad

During the development of the original colonies, children were taught by a local teacher who was responsible for teaching every subject, while introducing the youth to basic cultural civics.

As the industrial revolution started building, American Ph.D.’s went to Prussia, modern-day Germany, to learn their eight-year educational model.

Upon their return, public education in the U.S. was then modeled after their system, leading to the formalization of free, tax-payer-funded, public schools. Embedded in the European system was  Marxism which has dramatically become more prevalent, especially in the last 20 years.

The American education system in the 21st century is failing students, the culture, and the nation by allowing students to “graduate” from high school, though not proficient in writing, reading or arithmetic, yet fully indoctrinated in social justice, and gender identity causes.

The teachers have become elitists in their own union-backed minds, leading to an entitlement of respect, though not always earned. The more radical professors insist they are underpaid, regardless of their student’s academic performance.

In a perfect example, Dr. Spencer Bagley, a professor at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, complained on Twitter about the fact that Panda Express is willing to pay a manager more than he gets paid as a college educator.

He was immediately roasted for his Feb. 11 post and called an “elitist.

“My salary as an associate professor of mathematics at Westminster College, three blocks away from this sign, is $61,500,” tweeted.

Bagley, posting a picture of a recruitment sign from the massive Asian food chain advertising a general manager position that has a total potential annual compensation of “$69,000/Yr + Bonus.”

Bagley tweet

The Panda Express advertisement also offered career opportunities for assistant manager with possible earnings of “$20/Hr + Bonus” and “Service & Kitchen Team” with potential salaries of $15 to $19 per hour for job-seekers.

Critics on social media were quick to lambast Bagley’s calculation.

One tweeted, “61.5k – 69k = 7500.00 less annually,” asking Bagley: “What formula, exactly, did you use to come to the conclusion that you’re making ‘way less’ than a General Manager at Panda Express (which has great, but somewhat overpriced, food)?”

Another critic wrote, “The sign also says ‘Total Potential Annual Compensation or Earnings’. Likely the base pay requires certain performance targets being met, and then bonuses paid if higher targets are met. The $69K is not just having to deal with academia’s politics.

Next time: I’m an Associate Professor of Mathemetics and make $61,500 a year. I know that might sound like a lot but let me tell you what an average day looks like for me… oh and those breaks/holidays… HA I’m still working. (No need for pic),” a third critic noted on Twitter, quote tweeting Bagley’s post.

“You underestimate the work that goes into running a 7 day a week/ > 12 hr a day restaurant which relies on entry level workers to show up every day. To have quality, staff, service, cleanliness, etc is tough. Why don’t you try it for a year?” yet another critic questioned Bagley in the original tweet’s replies.

“I promise that this tweet is not elitist, but anyway, I’m muting because my mentions are now unusable. Go hug a local educator,” Bagley later responded in a Twitter thread, appearing to seek damage control. “The point of the tweet is that professors make way less than you think they do. That’s all,” Bagley added.

Bagley has since made his Twitter account private following the backlash. “The only statement visible to outsides now is his Twitter, which reads: “All labor is skilled labor | All workers are underpaid | Twitter was a mistake lol.”

Screenshot 2022 02 14 193942

Well, Bagley learned the hard way that people, even those who did not attend college, are just as worthy for higher compensation at their jobs, regardless of what it is.

The elitists in our nation are clueless, which is why you see tweets like this professor and his peers freaking out on TikTok.

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson – Trending Politics 

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson – Trending Politics

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