How the FBI Egged On the Plot to Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer

Remember early on in the pandemic when Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer became one of the most hated governors in America because of her draconian approach to dealing with COVID? When a plot to kidnap her was exposed, it sent shockwaves through left-wing media who used it to paint opposition to lockdowns and mandates as positions taken by violent extremists. Almost two years later, the trial of Whitmer’s alleged would-be kidnappers is well underway, and some fascinating details are coming to light.

As it turns out, one factor that helped the group move forward was a little help from an FBI agent who used an informant to infiltrate their social circle. While the group of alleged conspirators may have dissolved on its own due to differences between its members, according to The Daily Wire, an FBI agent by the name of Christopher Long, who was assigned to keep tabs on the group, thought it best to mend any rifts between its members and keep them working closely with each other.

Jennifer Plunk, the FBI’s informant, was instructed by Agent Long to work to keep Barry Croft Jr., one of the four men currently on trial for the attempted kidnapping, from leaving the group. In a message that is now evidence in the case, Agent Long told his informant to “Keep working to solve the differences in the group. Try to show them that they were brought together by Croft and he has good ideas, you just have to find common ground. Show them the good ideas Croft brought and say what is workable and what is not. A compromise may be needed on both sides.”

Croft’s attorney Joshua Blanchard believes that this action on the part of the FBI was reckless. The Daily Wire shared his thoughts:

Croft defense attorney Joshua Blanchard, who is arguing that the FBI entrapped his client, pushed Long about the message Thursday. The FBI agent said he gave the instructions to Plunk after a July 2020 meeting between numerous militia members in Peebles, Ohio.

Blanchard asked Long why the FBI sought to keep Croft in touch with a group of “violent” individuals. Blanchard suggested that letting Croft leave the group would decrease the risk of violence.

Agent Long responded by saying that this was the best strategy to keep tabs on all those accused of the attempted kidnapping. He said that “The concern was that they were going to have a lone wolf attack, and we weren’t going to have access to specific individuals. The entire group was violent. Mr. Croft was violent, as well.”

What do you think? Does Blanchard have a good argument that the FBI’s actions constitute an act of entrapment against his client? Is he right that their efforts to keep Croft active with his alleged co-conspirators actually increased the risk of danger to Governor Whitmer and others? You have to admit that regardless of the logic behind it, it’s a bit alarming to see a federal agency take actions that kept a group like this together.

Brady Bowyer is a veteran of many political campaigns ranging from the municipal to federal level, as well as several pro-freedom PACs and nonprofits. Check out more of Brady’s work on his Substack, Leaning into Liberty. He and his wife are proud to call South Carolina’s Lowcountry their home.

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