“My Freedoms, My Rights – My, My, My”: Watch As One Democrat Shows How Much She Hates YOUR Freedom

When sane people say Democrats hate you, it is not an exaggeration. They hate you and everything that makes you, well, you. That includes your freedom to think, do, say, and act.

The latest example in Democrats’ relentless march against individual sovereignty and our pursuit to secure life, liberty, and property picks up in Georgia, where Representative Shea Roberts went on an absolute tirade against Georgians’ rights to defend themselves from ever-increasing Democrat-created crime. At issue was the state’s proposed constitutional carry bill.

Watch as this totalitarian psychopath violates her oath to uphold the second amendment:

“We’re so self-centered. It’s my freedom. My rights. My. My. My.

If she were looking for a reply, that answer would be: Yes.

Yes to being selfish when it comes to MY freedom. Yes to focusing on me and my family. That is what freedom is; it is the right to exercise choices that I want to make. 

Now, the concept of freedom is not limitless. Freedom extends only so far as to not infringe on someone else’s freedom. This shouldn’t be a difficult concept to grasp, but then again, if people like Shea Roberts could grasp simple concepts then they wouldn’t be Democrats.

Amazingly, at the same time that Democrats throw a literal temper tantrum at the thought of a law-abiding citizen carrying a legally-owned gun, they go out of their way to actually legalize infanticide (i.e. murder). In other words, they pretend to care about the life of others by yelling about an American walking around town with a firearm – that statistically won’t be used to hurt anyone but could very well be used in self-defense or the defense of others – while simultaneously enacting legislation that codifies truly heinous and evil acts of fetal dismemberment and destruction.

In nearby Maryland, one of Roberts Democrat buddies proposed new legislation that, on paper, legalizes the neglect and/or murder of a child born for up to 28 days after birth. You simply cannot make a strong argument against carrying a firearm while defending any abortion – but to make that argument while supporting the actual killing of a human being after birth is a new level of psychopathy altogether. 

The entire “you don’t deserve freedom” argument has certainly been worn out over the past two years. If we’re being honest, this woman’s rant is not surprising in the least. How many times did Anthony Fauci or Joe Biden or any number of totalitarian fools  tell us we had to sacrifice our rights for the common good in the battle against their man-made bioweapon?

Specifically, freedom was discarded at every possible turn. You like that job and your income? Too bad, you need to close down so you don’t spread the virus. Meanwhile, you can go shopping at Big Box stores or fly airplanes. You don’t want a vaccine that doesn’t prevent infection, reduce viral load, or stop transmission? Too bad, you have to take it or you won’t be eligible for employment.

These people hate your freedom. They also hate human life. Murdering babies but not letting you defend yourself? It’s sick and disgusting.

This story syndicated with permission from Hailey Sanibel, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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