Why the Fight for Schools is a Fight for Liberty

Many leftists (incorrectly) claim that the right’s fixation on what is being taught in schools is just a cynical culture war play, a way of using an emotional issue to garner political support.

While it is true that the right’s crusade to kick radical lesson plans and pornographic or otherwise objectionable books out of schools has proven politically popular, those leftists who savagely attack the right for getting involved in schools are misrepresenting the impetus behind the right’s crusade.

Far from just being a concern about current politics, the battle over the schools is a battle over America’s future and the survival of liberty.

The thoughts of the youth will, eventually, become the thoughts of the country and its governing class. Once the current schoolchildren become old enough, they’ll start voting. Then, eventually, they’ll start running the country. They’ll become managers, bureaucrats, politicians, and staffers. They’ll be the ones that determine the direction the country heads in, the ones that determine what our nation becomes.

So, what they think matters. Their beliefs about America, about liberty, about history- those beliefs will not only influence how they vote and what policies they support, but also what the next generation learns and where the country goes from here.

Thus, the battle over the labile minds of the youth isn’t just a vote-garnering “culture war” issue, it’s a battle for the very survival of liberty.

If the youth of America is taught what is correct, if they are taught that America is a bright beacon of liberty and hope in the vast pit of tyranny that is most of the rest of the world, if they are taught that our rights are sacred and the Founding Fathers were heroes, if they are taught traditional values and to respect God, then America will survive. It will have a generation ready to take up the mantle of governance and fight to preserve it, knowing that the values, traditions, and results they’re fighting for are what is right and good.

If, however, the left has its way, then none of that will be the case. If they’re taught to believe the 1619 Project’s lies rather than the truth about America’s noble and glorious origins, then they’ll hate their nation rather than love it. If they’re taught to believe in CRT rather than the protestant work ethic, then they’ll think everything stems from prejudice rather than hard work and individual responsibility. If they’re taught that Marx was right, they’ll think about collectivism rather than liberty.

And so on and so forth: on every issue, from gun rights to pornography, religion to history, what is taught matters. When kids learn the right things early on, they’ll fight for those values and beliefs later. But, when they learn the wrong things, when the left’s lessons are taught rather than American values, they’ll fight for the wrong things later in life.

So, the right needs to keep fighting for the schools. What curriculum is implemented, what books are in the library, and what values are imparted by books and lesson plans matter. Without the right lessons, America is as good as gone.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Liberty Leader

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