Biden Slams ‘Political Attacks’ On Trans Kids

Wednesday this week marked ‘Transgender Visibility Day’, and amidst the on-going trans-row polarizing Americans right across the country, President Biden stuck his rainbow flag firmly in the ground.

The President condemned what he termed ‘political attacks’ on transgender children including Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill designed to protect kids against intrusive medical procedures they may regret later in life, and banning inappropriate trans or sexual related content in schools or direct at children.

In a statement on Wednesday, Biden said: “Visibility matters, and so many transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming Americans are thriving.

“Despite this progress, transgender Americans continue to face discrimination, harassment and barriers to opportunity”.

It’s ironic the president should mention trans people are supposedly facing “barriers to opportunity” considering trans athletes like Lia Thomas continue to snatch away young women’s opportunity to succeed in their sport.

Biden went on to say that numerous states had proposed “hundreds of anti-transgender bills” including “efforts to criminalize supportive medical care for transgender kids, to ban transgender children from playing sports and to outlaw discussing LGBTQI+ people in schools undermines their humanity and corrodes our Nation’s values”.

Despite the President’s misleading statement, there are currently no bills in the United States which ban ‘transgender’ children competing in sports, but there is legislation in some states, which bans biological males from competing in women’s sport.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill on Wednesday banning under 18-year-olds from getting gender reassignment surgery and placing limits on biological men competing in girl’s sports.

Similar bans have now been introduced in 25 states in an attempt to keep women’s sports fair and competitive, particularly after the nationwide outrage as biologically male trans-athlete Lia Thomas won the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship last week.

Many states have also banned unnecessary discussions about sexuality in schools. The Parental Rights in Education bill passed in Republican states earlier this month which bans schools from supplying young children with inappropriate material or lessons involving discussions about sexuality and transgender issues.

Parents will be able to sue schools which break these regulations when the bill becomes law from July 1.

Speaking about the bill, Florida governor Ron DeSantis said he finds it inappropriate for schools to push a political agenda, particularly when it involves imposing sexually explicit content on young children:

We have seen curriculum embedded for very, very young children, classroom materials about sexuality and woke gender ideology. We’ve seen libraries that have clearly inappropriate pornographic materials for very young kids”, he said.

Teachers will be banned from indoctrinating young children about “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in kindergarten through third grade.

Despite president Biden’s virtue signaling, many trans-children who undergo invasive, cosmetic medical procedures to ‘transition’ from gender to gender later go on to regret the decision later in life.

Several studies suggest that 60-90% of ‘trans’ children do not want to transition when they mature, often realizing they are homosexual.

As woke radicals including the president, continue to push gender-identity politics on young children, the devastating number of children who grow up regretting life-changing medical procedures is only likely to rise.

This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post

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