Cruz Sends Major Warning: Americans are One Vote Away from Losing Major Rights

Is there a risk to America’s liberty lurking in D.C. right now that some of us might not expect? According to Senator Ted Cruz, there is. It would be the Supreme Court, where votes about essential American liberties often come down to a 5-4, a razor-thin margin of error where essential liberties are considered/

The senator noted that threat to liberty, that one vote margin of error for preserving precious liberties, when appearing on “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” saying:

Over and over again, the big landmark cases are 5-4. “We’re one vote away on issue after issue after issue from losing our fundamental rights.

As an example, he pointed to DC v Heller, a major case about the right to keep and bear arms, where the court only decided to protect the 2nd Amendment in a 5-4 split.

Continuing, he discussed how that already razor-thin margin of error could get even thinner if Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, Kentanji Brown Jackson, is confirmed, as she’s widely expected to strike a very liberal stance. In his words:

At the end of the day, when you have senators who say they don’t support abolishing the police, when you vote to confirm justices [who] will release violent criminals and endanger our communities, then you are supporting abolishing the police, and repealing the Second Amendment, and taking away our free speech rights, and taking away our religious liberty rights.

“You are supporting that kind of radical agenda.

Cruz has a point, though Kentanji is replacing Justice Stephen Breyer, a liberal, so the split on the court probably won’t change. Though she might be even farther to the left than Breyer, the split will likely remain where it was before her appointment.

Still, Cruz makes a fair point about the nature of liberty: our rights are supposed to be granted to us by God, not only existing thanks to the whims of some arbitrary collection of black-robed judges in D.C. If a right can be struck away with the swing of a hammer and difficult to read judicial pronouncement, it’s not a right but a temporary privilege.

Here in America, we have rights. There are privileges too, but certain activities are rights that the Founders believed were granted to us by God. The right to keep and bear arms, the right to free speech, those are rights, not privileges.

When the Supreme Court allows the government to infringe upon those rights, and even when certain justices vote in a way that would allow the government to do so if they were in the majority, they’re treating rights as privileges that could be struck away with the stroke of a pen or swing of the gavel.

That must end. Our rights must be preserved as sacred, not left to the judicial whims of nine judges in the oh-so-liberal Swamp that is the District of Columbia.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Liberty Leader

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