Disturbing Tweets Suggest China on the Brink of Famine

Massive Twitter buzz is going around about China and its lockdowns. One tweet mentioned that Bloomberg noted that there were 477 cargo ships waiting to deliver resources into the country.

One impressive Twitter thread goes on to explain the entire situation in detail, which I hope to sum up for you. China’s agricultural heartland’s trucking volume is down by over 85% according to the tweet. It goes on to explain, that a third of farmers in three different provinces can’t get fertilizer or seed to plant spring crops. This is because the fertilizer and seed are stuck on cargo ships hanging around the port unable to unload.

In addition to the seed and fertilizer being stuck on cargo ships out in the port, authorities are sealing off access to rural villages. This means that the seed and the fertilizer which can’t get off the ships, even if it could, it wouldn’t make it to the villages since all access has been denied. It gets worse though, local authorities have been arresting farmers for being out on their tractors, in the field, all by themselves. The authorities claim this is due to the zero COVID-19 policy.

Everybody knows about the history of China. Mao’s Great Leap Forward took away farmers from the field and had them busy smelting iron in their backyards. This led to the large famine that enveloped China. What we’re seeing now is the very beginnings of a similar situation that’s going to occur. Perhaps China will be able to avoid this since they have been buying up more than 50% of the world’s grain reserves. However it doesn’t look good. Anytime a country stops its farmers from farming, they put themselves at risk of famine.

It goes on to explain that now truckers are dumping food on the side of the road instead of delivering it, because they were told that they would have to be locked down inside of their trucks for weeks if they enter the city. The cities that right now have people starving, rioting, and committing suicide because there’s no food.

The tweet goes on, that several different provinces have shut down access to their highways and it explains what each province does and how many people live within that province. These provinces do things like automotive parts, clothing manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and drilling, tourism, and so much more. These provinces have all their highways shut down. That means nothing is going in and nothing is coming out. That means your heart medicine, your blood pressure pills, your citric acid for canning, and so much more isn’t getting made, it isn’t getting packaged, and it isn’t getting out on a boat to America.

China says that all of this is to prevent COVID-19, an alleged disease that causes less than .07% fatality in people under 60 years old. There’s a lot of explanations that people like to give for why China is doing this and the most popular is to parrot the party line. But it seems a bit extreme don’t you think, to weld people into their homes without food for months at a time over a virus that isn’t even 1% fatal?

Now here’s a completely wild and insane speculative idea but, what if it’s not about COVID-19? There’s a lot of things it could be. It could be something other than COVID-19 hypothetically, that’s spreading in China, and they are trying to control it. There have been reports of some sort of hemorrhagic fever over there that mysteriously disappeared from the mainstream media. Whatever China is trying to control, it’s not COVID-19. You can tell by their reaction, which is extreme, as compared to the disease itself. COVID-19 is dangerous for the elderly and China does have a very large elderly population.  However, starvation is 100% fatal on a long enough timeline as opposed to Covid-19. Now that we have vaccines that supposedly work and most people have been exposed to it, this sort of reaction is not warranted. The only reason someone in a place of authority would allow this much suffering and pain to go on is because the alternative is worse, or they want to get rid of excess population.

This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post

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