It’s Not The Size Of The Car That Matters For One Man

On any given day in Wivelsfield, Sussex, you may be lucky to see Alex Orchin zipping around in his trusty light blue Peel P50.

Some people may laugh at the tiny car, but Alex laughs all the way to the gas station! He can claim the spot of having Britain’s lowest fuel bill. It costs about $9 to $10 to fill up the tank. That fuel bill would be a welcomed reprieve from the record-high oil prices in 2022. You may have trouble convincing the majority of American youth of the coolness factor of the fuel mileage.

The car attracts a lot of attention, especially from classic car enthusiasts. However, if Alex wants to pick up the chicks with this ride, he will be sorely disappointed. The car, 4 feet long, 3 feet wide, and a little over 3 feet high will convince the women to find another ride! Guess you didn’t think this one through, Alex!

Last year, Alex took his car on a 1400 mile, three-week excursion throughout Great Britain. Mr. Orchin raised over $10,000 for the BBC Children In Need, using Go-Fund-Me to create hype around his journey.

The New York Post quoted him in an article:

Alex arrived at Land’s End on Sunday 4th December, raising over $10,500 for Children in Need in the process.

He said: “It wasn’t made for long journeys which is what makes this such a challenge.

“I am 5ft 11in and you’re pretty much sitting on the floor with your knees jammed either side of the steering wheel.

“As far as I know I am the first person to attempt the journey in a P50,” he added.

“You have to be a sociable person to drive this car because people are always stopping to talk to you and take pictures.”

The car’s top speed is 23 mph! That is quite the pace for a 1400 mile journey. I’m sure the trip was full of surprises. One door decided to throw a monkey wrench into the mix. For the last 50 miles of the journey, Alex drove the car with one of the doors held on with a cable tie.

Alex became obsessed with the Peel P50 after watching Jeremy Clarkson, a former Top Gear host, drive a car like it on the TV program.

With classic P50’s going for over $100,000, Alex settled for a clone car, registered in 2017 but based on the original design.

According to the Metro, Alex has been interested in classic cars for a long time.

‘I am a vintage car enthusiast — I have had a 1914 Model T and a 1968 Morris Minor.

‘I got fixated on this idea of having a P50 but when I saw an original was £100,000 it kind of killed it off.

‘Then three years ago I bought one of the newer ones from a guy in Wales, so I’m only the second owner.

‘The newer ones were made in 2017 and they are a bit more eco-friendly.’

Alex, 5ft 11in, had to cram himself into the car for 100 miles a day and admitted onlookers were amazed when they saw him.

It’s incredible to see someone passionate about cars and raising donations for those in need at the same time!

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