Leftists Lose Their Minds Over Trump-Appointed Judge Ends Airine Mask Mandate

I have no empirical data to support this claim, but I have a strong suspicion that the people most fearful – and yes, fear is the correct descriptor – of relaxed mask mandates are also the same people that are current on their boosters, are the type of people that wear masks while driving alone and walking outside, test weekly, and probably even tested positive for Omicron this winter. Call it a hunch.

Therefore, when the Clarence Thomas-clerking, Donald Trump-appointed patriot judge cracked down on the CDC’s defenseless and arbitrary mask mandate on public transportation (those were essentially her words), these clowns predictably melted down because their entire worldview is predicated on us sharing and conforming to their anxiety-riddled lives.

Nothing better captures the sentiment of lefties than the leftist echochamber of Twitter. It was a glorious sight yesterday when news broke of the brave judge single-handedly standing up to government overreach and tyranny. Leftist tears are the sweetest drink. 

Take a look at how these rubes responded to the news of freedom:

“Thanks @unitedThe idea of not waiting until “vaccine for all” (including kids under 5) is pretty much you just saying it’s cool if a few kids die so that you don’t have to enforce this for another month or two.”

It’s worth pointing out that this person is a supposed medical professional. Has a single kid died from Covid after flying? Have they even contracted the disease after flying? Not to minimize the loss of a child, but if airplanes were a vector of transmission and kids were a serious risk, we’d know it by now. And goodness knows the corporate media would pounce on it.

Scarier than thinking that this guy has nearly 100K Twitter followers and outsized medical influence is the reminder that most doctors share his outlook. After two years, these idiots honestly think it’s vaccine or die still. To them, the idea that this virus doesn’t affect everyone equally (kids least of all) or that we have cheap, repurposed drugs that are highly efficacious is unthinkable.

And they wonder why we don’t trust the Science™ anymore. 

This “doctor” kept rolling with the bad takes. Here he is again:

“Hi @united. When I bought my tickets for me, my wife (who is pregnant), and our unvaccinated 4-year-old, I assumed you would continue to have a mask mandate. Now you cancel it and we will have to board our return flight under your new no mask required policy?! Thanks so much.”

These people are so…pathetic. All traits of leftists are gross, but one thing that really gets highlighted here is the selfishness. This guy doesn’t care about your kid. Or you. He only cares about his planned flight. He wanted to fly feeling good about himself, all so he could do what he wanted to. Now that freedom and other people got in the way, he can’t focus just on himself. Leftism is synonymous with self-centeredness. The mask conversation captures this perfectly.

Of course, the doctor that likely engages in medical malpractice for refusing to prescribe safe treatments and only advocates for population-wide biomedical experiments isn’t alone. Twitter was replete with idiots coming out of the woodwork:

“I will not be flying @AlaskaAir until they reinstate public safety measures against #COVID19. #boycottAlaskaAir.”

“Sitting for several hours in a tight, enclosed space with 200 coughing, breathing, sneezing strangers?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna keep wearing my mask on flights for the foreseeable future, and that’s all I have to say about that.”

“I’m so frustrated.  We have tickets to fly this weekend, which felt like a tolerable risk only because everyone is required to wear a mask.  Now we have to sit in a tube with 200 people (some of whom will certainly be + for Covid) and risk getting sick, or cancel our trip. Pissed.”

“I’m about to cancel my flight in September and fly with a competitor. They should be required to keep everyone safe. This was a bad choice to make and will cost you money.”

Again, this is all about selfish peoples’ feelings. You and I should have to wear a mask so they feel like they have their binky protecting them. It’s not enough they got poked and wear face diapers; you need to too. For the common good. For them.

One of two things will happen. Either they keep flying, essentially proving their words are hollow, or they stop flying, and we don’t have to deal with them. Knowing how leftists operate, I am guessing they’ll keep flying.

This story syndicated with permission from Hailey Sanibel, Author at Trending Politics

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