Liberal Tears As Britain’s Conservative Government Plans To Send Illegal Migrants to Rwanda

The British Conservative government has come under attack by the liberal-left for vowing to start sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda, Africa while their asylum claims are processed.

The unprecedented move comes after numerous years of complacency by prime minister Boris Johnson’s government as more than 28 thousand illegals swarmed across the French channel in dinghies in 2021 alone, with illegal immigration into Britain tripling in four years.

As very few detention centers exist in Britain, and with many having been closed down, Conservative Home Secretary Priti Patel faced immense backlash from Tory voters as thousands of the migrants were housed in four-star hotels at the tax payer’s expense.

But, after almost constant criticism, the Home Secretary travelled to Rwandan capital Kigali to sign the deal last month.

Until now, there had been no concrete plan or strategy to deal with the continual influx of migrants making the dangerous crossing to British shores from France.

On Thursday night, Boris Johnson vowed to take on the ‘army’ of left-wing lawyers, the mainstream media and predictable backlash as he announced the plan to fly illegal migrants to Rwanda. The scheme is set to begin within six weeks.

The Prime Minister said he would do “whatever it takes” to tackle the problem and revealed “tens of thousands” of migrants would be sent to the East African nation, 4,000 miles away on a one-way ticket. Migrants who are already residing in the UK who arrived this year will also face deportation.

Only 3 of the current 359 Conservative MPs voted against Johnson’s proposal.

While the long-awaited solution to a problem which has spiralled out of control in recent years has been welcomed by the vast majority of conservative Britons, Johnson’s plan has, of course faced strong backlash from woke nay-sayers both within parliament and from outside establishments.

Over 160 woke charities and campaign groups, clearly threatened by the prospect of a well-needed solution to Britain’s continual invasion, have voiced their strong opposition to the plan, with many signing a joint-letter which branded the scheme “shamefully cruel”.

Chief executive of the Refugee Council Enver Solomon said the charity was “appalled by the government’s cruel and nasty decision” that would “do little” to deter people from coming to the UK”.

Left-wing Labour Party leader said the plan was unworkable, unethical and extortionate” while the Liberal Democrats said Johnson was “slamming the door in the face of refugees”.

Boris Johnson also accepted the scheme would be challenged by left-wing courts including the European Convention on Human Rights which the UK is signed up to, although Johnson insisted he was confident of its legality.

“If this country is seen as a soft touch for illegal migration by some of our partners, it is precisely because we have such a formidable army of politically motivated lawyers who for years have made it their business to thwart removals and frustrate the Government,” he said in a public speech yesterday.

“So I know that this system will not take effect overnight, but I promise that we will do whatever it takes to deliver this new approach, initially within the limits of the existing legal and constitutional frameworks, but also prepared to explore any and all further legal reforms which may be necessary.”

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

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