Man Injects Cocaine In His Penis, Awful Things Happen Next

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, a news story appears which boggles the mind. Just to qualify a few things, I can’t imagine taking hard drugs regularly. Then if I did, I can’t imagine injecting those drugs anywhere in my body. And I mean anywhere.

A story originally out of the The U.S Sun introduces a story leaving me equally befuddled as I am perhaps feeling a little sympathy pain. The Sun picks up the story from here:

“They [New York doctors] said the 35-year-old unnamed man turned up at the emergency room at BronxCare Hospital Center in agony.

He had spent the past three days in “excruciating” and worsening pain in the penis, scrotum, groin area and right foot.

The pain started almost immediately after he injected the class A drug cocaine into the dorsal vein of the penis, which runs the full length of the shaft.

It wasn’t the first time he had chosen the mind-boggling method of delivering his high.

The man admitted to having injected cocaine into the dorsal vein at least twice in the past fortnight, although without any obvious problems.

He said he had a long history of intravenous drug use, and with most other injection sites damaged, he had turned to one of the only places left – his penis.

Upon examination, medics discovered swelling, ulcers, a “foul-smelling serious discharge”, and necrosis, the medical term for rotting tissue.”

There are a lot of pieces of information competing for the craziest thing about all of this. The fact that this ideation even took place probably tops the list. “Hmm, what if I injected cocaine into my penis vein?” is a question few of us have ever asked. Fewer still have acted upon such a rare inquiry.

Of course, this wasn’t a one-off. Not only did the unnamed man try it, but he tried it multiple times despite increasing pain. I would stop after the first time, but that’s just me.

As to why the other injections didn’t result in penile necrosis, the Sun also explained some cocaine facts:

“The mechanism behind how the cocaine rotted the patient’s flesh was unclear.

But the doctors noted around 80 per cent [sic] of cocaine seized in the US is cut with levamisole, a parasitic worming treatment for animals.

Around two thirds of cocaine smuggled into Britain contains the chemical.

In very rare cases, cocaine with levamisole can cause the skin to rot. Users have seen parts of their face, limbs, genitals and stomach blacken and die.”

We know cocaine is bad in its purest state, but now we keep reading about these already-toxic substances getting cut with fentanyl and apparently something called levamisole. This is beyond the wild west; it’s simply mass murder.

And if we wanted to make this mass murder a political issue, doesn’t anyone wonder why Democrats want to encourage more of this behavior? Not far from BronxCare are multiple taxpayer-funded centers where drug addicts can “safely” shoot up. Is there such a thing as safely shooting up? It’s oxymoronic. Drug use is not a victim-free endeavor; even if no one else is harmed, the individual is destroyed after each use.

Today, it was this man’s penis. Tomorrow? If Democrats get their way and legalize all drug use on some morally-bankrupt libertarian philosophy, who knows what else will get rotted.

This story syndicated with permission from Hailey Sanibel, Author at Trending Politics

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