Philly Flip Flops On Masks – Makes A Surprising Decision

The city of brotherly love is replete with corruption, especially at the political level.

A city that was known nationally for the Liberty Bell, Eagles, Sixers, and Rocky is now also known for high poverty, crime, and voting irregularities.

As a very woke, anti-racism, social justice hub, simply following the edicts laid down by the democratic party leadership, has been of paramount importance to those running Philadelphia.

With incompetence abounding, the Philly Health Department is now ditching its indoor mask mandate less than a week after bringing it back, according to local officials.

“Due to a recent leveling-off of case counts and a decrease in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the City, masks are strongly recommended, but are no longer required in public indoor settings, with the exception of healthcare and congregate settings,” Philadelphia Public Health announced on Friday.

“The Health Department strongly recommends residents & visitors wear a mask in indoor public settings, and get vaccinated and/or boosted if you’re eligible. Thank you, Philly for stepping up once again and responding to this pandemic with solidarity and care for each other,” it added:

The news comes only a few days after the city brought back the indoor mask mandate, moving to Level 2 of its four-tier coronavirus-risk system, which it is also ending.

“Given the recent rise in cases, we are moving to Level 2 in hopes of preventing higher case rates and stricter measures,” Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement at the time.

“Our city remains open; we can still go about our daily lives and visit the people and places we love while masking in indoor public spaces. I’m optimistic that this step will help us control the case rate,” he added.

In what appears to be an attempt to deflect criticism and to mask any proof that they may have prematurely re-instituted the mask mandate, before suddenly dropping it again, Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole implied in a statement that the few days of mask mandates were so effective that it helped ward off a spike in cases in the city.

It remains unclear what that assessment is based on but in America 2022 public officials seem to have a problem providing the truth, and nothing but the truth, yet still get hired and are re-elected anyway.

“Response levels worked as intended and helped act as an early warning system to level off this current rise in cases,” Bettigole said in a statement. “People responded by being careful even prior to the mandate, and so we believe that a strong recommendation is adequate rather than a mandate at this stage of the pandemic.”

She reportedly told the Board of Health on Thursday that hospitalizations have decreased in the last few days also.

“We’re in a situation that we really had not anticipated being in this soon but it is good news,” she said, adding that they “no longer need to mandate masks in Philadelphia and that [they] can actually move to simply a strong recommendation.”

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Follow me on Twitter and MagaBook

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics

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