‘Smug’ Islamic Terrorist Who Stabbed Christian MP Sir David Amess 20 Times Given Life Sentence

The terrorist who stabbed British MP David Amess twenty times as he greeted constituents outside a church reportedly looked “smug” and “satisfied” as the politician lay dying, an eye-witness testified to the court.

The remorseless murderer winked at the jury as the judge sentenced him to a full life term in prison.

According to reports, Ali Harbi Ali, 26, wanted to get to Syria to join Islamic terror group ISIS, but instead settled on targeting a conservative politician in Britain.

Sir David Amess was a devoted Christian and member of Parliament for the British Conservative Party government. Ali had made an appointment to see Sir Amess at a routine surgery meeting on October 15 2021. The meeting was set to be held in a church in Essex, England.

As Sir Amess emerged to greet a small group of people waiting in the church, eye-witnesses say the terrorist said sorry before plunging a foot-long carving knife into his body twenty times. Sir Amess died at the scene.

Leaving behind a wife and three children, Sir Amess’ widow Lady Amess said:

He would have greeted the murderer with a smile of friendship and would have been anxious to help. How sickening to think what happened next. It is beyond evil.”

On Monday, a jury took just 18 minutes to decide their verdict and Ali was given a whole life tariff for murder and preparing terrorist acts.

Prosecutors say the remorseless savage displayed no emotion throughout the proceedings, reportedly gazing idly around the room and then winking as he was led away.

Judge Justice Sweeney said:

“The defendant has no remorse or shame, quite the reverse.

“Sir David was a man of the greatest substance. He had done nothing whatsoever to justify the attack upon him, let alone his murder.

“On the contrary, he had devoted 38 years of his life to the lawful service of the public, and was engaged in doing so when he was murdered. His loss is one of national significance.”

One of Sir Amess’ staff members who was an eye witness to his murder also gave a statement to the court, telling prosecutors Ali looked “smug and so self-satisfied” after he had butchered the animal loving MP.

“I can’t get the perpetrator’s face, as he was led away, out of my mind. He looked so smug, and so self satisfied,” said distraught staff member Julie Cushion.

“I can never get colleague Rebecca’s scream out of my mind as Sir David was attacked and if I hear someone else scream now, I jump and imagine myself back there”.

As Ali begins his full-life sentence, Lady Amess said her family have taken no comfort in the verdict:

Our amazing husband and father has been taken from us in an appalling and violent manner. Nothing will ever compensate for that,” she said in a public statement.

“We will wake each day and immediately feel our loss. We will struggle through each day for the rest of our lives. Our last thought before sleep will be of David. We will forever shed tears for the man we have lost. We shall never get over this tragedy”.

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