Tennessee Legislators Protecting Children K-12 from Transgender Activists

In the midst of the social issues battle raging across our nation, a few conservative states are still flying their American and state flags high, with national & traditional pride still found through their land.

They are increasingly forced to take on hostile leftists trying to push their narrative that most of the U.S. population is on board with their radical agenda.

Only leaders with a backbone are equipped to take a stand against this highly funded angry mob. Well, the Tennessee GOP-led legislature and governor, appear to fit the mold quite well.

The Volunteer state is one of the “red” warrior states. Their GOP-led Tennessee state legislature recently approved a bill that would further protect girls’ sports from pro-transgender administrators and coaches in the state’s schools.

It would financially penalize Tennessee public schools that allow transgender students to participate in girls’ athletics. It cleared its final legislative hurdle on Monday, minutes before Senate Republicans passed a second bill banning transgender athletes from competing in college sports in the state.

Rep. Joey Hensley, R-Hohenwald, sponsored both bills, which he said were aimed at “setting a level playing field for all of our female athletes.”

The measure, SB1861, passed 26-5 in the state Senate and will now go before Gov. Bill Lee (R) for approval. Lee previously signed a bill last year banning transgender athletes from participating in girls’ sports, the Washington Post reported. The governor has not publicly said if he supported the latest legislation.

The first ban, already signed into law, is part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by far-left activists “challenging its constitutionality,” with the trial expected to start in March of next year, the report states.

Under the proposed law, Tennessee’s Department of Education would be directed to “withhold a portion of the state education finance funds” if the public middle or high school “refused to determine a student’s gender, for purposes of participation in schools sports, by the student’s sex at the time of birth…,” according to bill’s text.

“The measure does not specify exactly how much money should be withheld by the state,” the Post reported.

The Republican-supermajority Senate also approved a bill that would prohibit men who identify as women from participating in women’s college sports. That legislation must go to the state House for further consideration but is expected to gain the support needed to get the bill to the governor’s desk for signing.

Besides signing the transgender athletes’ ban last year, Gov. Lee has signed a few other pieces of legislation that protect women and young children from the transgender activist agenda.

In May of 2021, Lee signed a bill into law that separates private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms for use by individuals according to their birth sex. Lee also signed a bill that same month that prohibits performing sex-change surgeries and prescribing hormones and puberty blockers for minors.

I say great job Republican-supermajority Senate and hopefully Governor Lee. Keep on listening to your conscience, your constituents, and even basic science; the school children in your state are depending upon it.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Eric Thompson Show.

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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