Texas Rancher Offers Elon Musk 100 Acres of FREE Land For Twitter’s Head Quarters

A Texas rancher has offered Elon Musk over 100 acres of land if he decides to move Twitter’s headquarters from the liberal cesspool of San Fransico to Schwertner, Texas. Jim Schwertner is the president and Chief executive officer of Schwertner Farms Inc., which owns and operates Capitol Land & Livestock, which is located east of the town of Jarrell in Texas.

Schwertner claims that his company is one of the top cattle dealers in the United States and that he wants a portion of the land to be used as the new headquarters for the Twitter social media platform.

The Hill reported these details:

“Elon, Move twitter to Schwertner, TX , 38 miles North of Austin and we will give you 100 Acres for FREE,” Schwertner tweeted on Tuesday.

With over 20,000 acres across both Bell and Williamson counties, Schwertner said Musk could have his pick of which 100 acres to plant Twitter.

“We think this is a place to have new technology,” Schwertner said. “This has always been a rural area for agriculture, but it’s changing fast. And so we thought why not let Elon Musk be the catalyst to make it happen?”

Schwertner thinks the move would be a mutual win.

“We have a lot of land. This area is really growing. We have affordable housing, and I thought it’d be an excellent opportunity for him and for us,” Schwertner said.

As of right now, Musk has yet to accept the offer but many believe once Musk takes the full reigns of the company, Twitter’s headquarters could be heading toward Texas.

Tesla headquarters was formerly in Palo Alto, California but when the Democratic lawmakers were shutting down Tesla productions due to Covid-19 mandates, Musk made the big decision to move Tesla headquarters out of the Democrat state of California and instead move to the Conservative state of Texas.

Governor Greg Abbot even chirped in regarding Musk moving Twitter to Texas and stated “bring Twitter to Texas to join Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company”. Over the last few years Austin, Texas has become a big Tech hub and has given Silicon Valley a run for its money.

After Musk stated that he would buy the company for $44 billion, liberal employees within Twitter have started to revolt against Musk. According to leaked communications, several Twitter employees took to the business communication site Slack to express their dissatisfaction with Musk.

Many employees of Twitter have even stated that they will quit their jobs if Trump is allowed to return back on Twitter or if a large amount of notable Conservative users are unbanned.

This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post

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