11-Year-Old Girl Fools Texas Shooter by Doing This

A girl who smeared herself in her friend’s blood to fool the Texas school shooter into thinking she was dead has revealed how the evil gunman played “I want people to die” music as he massacred 19 of her classmates and two teachers.

Miah Cerillo, 11, described to CNN how the horrendous events unfolded that day. She explained to the network that the class had been watching the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch as an end of the school year treat when one of her teachers received an internal notification on her computer to say there was an active shooter in the school.

Unfortunately, the teacher didn’t get the message in time, and gunman Salvador Ramos shot through the door’s glass and entered the room. He told one of the two staff members, either Eva Moreles or Irma Garcia, goodnight” before shooting her.

The little girl described how Ramos rampaged through the classroom, shooting her friends at random. Cerillo was hit by shrapnel in her back and neck as Ramos continued to fire his rifle into the connecting classroom.

She said he began to play “sad” music, which she described as being the sort of music someone would play if “you want people to die.”

The 11-year-old said she smeared the blood of one of her dead classmates onto herself in an attempt to play dead in case the gunman returned from the connecting room. Cerillo and a friend managed to take a teacher’s cell phone to dial 911.

At this point, we just have to pray and ask God to help us move forward through this situation. I know it’s traumatizing and having an 11-year-old go through this, I can’t imagine what she’s feeling”, said her aunt Blanca Rivera to Click 2 Hudson. According to Cerillo’s family, she is receiving mental help along with her younger sister, who is a second-grader at the school.

Other children at the school also related their horrific experiences to CNN. One ten-year-old boy described how he had to remain silent while his friends were being shot dead around him, many of whom he was able to name:

“It was very terrifying because I never thought that was going to happen”, said Jayden Perez. He added that he was frightened another school shooting might take place and didn’t want to go back to school:

“No, because after what happened. I don’t want to. I don’t want anything to do with another shooting or me in the school“, he explained.

“And I know it might happen again, probably.”

Another survivor told KENS 5 that he had hidden under a table with other students when the gunman stormed through the connecting door into his class.

“He shot the next person’s door. We have a door in the middle. He opened it. He came in and he crouched a little bit and he said, ‘It’s time to die,’” the boy said.

When he shot, it was very loud and it hurt my ear.” 

Law enforcement in the area faces mounting criticism for its decision not to enter the building where Ramos was slaughtering children undisturbed for almost an hour.

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

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