America Hating Parkland Survivor Turned Chinese Communist Operative?

We all remember the Parkland school shooting. One of the sadder days in our nation’s recent history. Many, many young people and their parents were left permanently affected.

One such young man, David Hogg, turned into a high-profile leftist activist that attempted to take on Mike Lindell and produce his own pillows, only to fail spectacularly.

Well, following in Hogg’s unsuccessful footsteps is another young man named Ryan Deitsch.

It’s sad that Mr. Deitsch had to go through what he did, but how did it turn him into such an America-hating, bitter young lefty activist?

What are the details? According to the Washington Free Beacon:

A survivor of the 2018 Parkland, Fla., high school shooting who has since become a liberal activist labeled the United States a “white supremacist country” during an interview with a Chinese propaganda outlet.

“This is a white supremacist country,” Ryan Deitsch told the Global Times, which is operated by the Chinese Communist Party. “Our constitution was written by slave owners and white supremacists. We continue to uphold these doctrines.”

Excuse me? White supremacist country? Ok, Ryan, let’s contrast and compare America with the communist Chinese propagandists you are making nice with.

China, for years, has been carrying out a genocide against the ethnic Uyghur minority. In December, Congress passed a bill sanctioning China for its human rights abuses and banning imports from Xinjiang, where a large Uyghur population lives and works.

America has its warts, no question, but we live in the world’s most diverse, tolerant, greatest nation. There is a reason EVERYONE wants to be here!

There has never been a better time in human history to be gay, transgender, black, brown, Asian, queer, whatever, than right now, in America. To claim otherwise is to deny the facts.

Young “activists” like Ryan Deitsch need to spend a weekend literally ANYWHERE else in the world. How about a visit to China? Maybe tour the internment camps where the Chinese harvest organs from the ethnic Uyghur minority? Perhaps then Deitsch would appreciate the blessing of being an American?

Nah, he doesn’t care. The Beacon goes on:

While Deitsch talked about the Saturday shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, an 18-year-old white nationalist gunman on Saturday shot and killed 10 black people, he did not mention the separate racially motivated shooting that occurred the next day. A gunman on Sunday shot up a California church filled with Taiwanese congregants. The local sheriff’s office reported the shooter was a Chinese immigrant motivated by his hate for the Taiwanese.

Interesting, no? He cares about a crazy white person, universally condemned by literally EVERY other white person, that the MSM label a conservative, despite his manifesto railing against Jews and Fox News, but makes no mention of despicable Asian racism and the assault on the Taiwanese church.

Propagate Chinese communist values much there, Ryan?

Ryan Deitsch is another example of the left taking a victim of a horrific incident like Parkland and militarizing him against their political opponents.

Sad, shameful, yet symbolic of the lengths the left will take to maintain their narrative of America as a racist country.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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