BLM Chief Called Out AGAIN

Following its rapid rise to worldwide prominence following the murder of black criminal George Floyd at the hands of a cop in 2020, BLM managed to take everyone in – from major companies to the (now) president Biden.

But as more light is shed on its very shady financial dealings from day one, those who championed the organization as a gleaming beacon of hope for struggling African Americans would be wise to begin eating their words.

BLM has been peppered with controversy as the press has continually revealed its senior members forking out millions for private mansions, vacations and lavish lifestyles – all with money sent in by gullible wokes who truly believed they were revolutionaries who would make everyone even more equal than we already are.

Now, in the latest embarrassing blow for BLM, the Daily Mail has revealed that its co-founder, Patrisse Cullors (who had to quit her position in the charity after it was uncovered that she’d spent millions of BLM funds on three luxurious mansions), used the charity’s money to pay large sums to her friends and family for ‘consulting’ services.

Documents obtained by the media show that Cullors handed the father of her child a check for around $970,000 to “help produce live events”. Her brother bagged $840,000 for “providing security services to the foundation”.

In addition to this, a consulting firm which happened to be owned by BLM’s board secretary was forked out a whopping $2.1 million of charitable donations to provide the organization with “operational support”.

True to form, BLM chiefs excused the decisions to keep paying their associations and family huge sums of money, justifying their actions by suggesting that outsiders couldn’t be trusted to provide the services.

During her time as a BLM leader and before she reluctantly left the position after it was revealed she had allegedly spent millions of BLM donations on three mansions for herself, Cullors was the sole voting member on the BLM board. While this is not illegal under Delaware law, where the organization’s headquarters is based, it meant Cullors had complete control as to who was hired by the organization and how to spend the money.

Current board members like Shalomyah Bowers say that Cullors acted in the best interest of the charity and was simply supporting its grassroots by employing her family members and choosing to pay them far more than the going-rate for the services they were allegedly providing:

This 990 reveals that (the BLM foundation) is the largest black abolitionist nonprofit organization that has ever existed in the nation’s history. What we’re doing has never been done before”, excused Bowers.

We needed to get dollars out to grassroots organizations doing the work of abolition, doing the work that would shift the moral tide of this world towards one that does not have or believe in police, prisons, jails or violence.”

Coincidentally, Bower’s consultancy firm received the lion’s share of cash for consultancy services last year, but he insists BLM made the decision to award his company with the contract before he was a board member:

“Our firm stepped in when Black Lives Matter had no structure and no staff”, he said.

“We filled the gap, when nothing else existed. But let me be crystal clear, there was no conflict of interest.”

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

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