BLM Donated An Outrageous Amount To Anti-Police Group

One of the great things about social media and the internet in 2022 is that the truth will eventually come out.

Take, for instance, BLM. What started almost a decade ago as an outcry against George Zimmerman’s killing in self-defense of Trayvon Martin (yes, it WAS self-defense, despite how bad it looked), the organization has turned into a perverted, hideous form of what it was intended.

Black Lives Matter only cares about the green and how they disperse it to organizations that will support their narrative.

Without even going into Patrisse Cullors and her misappropriation of funds for her own gain, one need only look at a 200 thousand dollar donation to a Chicago-based, anti-police group.

Fox News reports:

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation donated $200,000 during its 2021 fiscal year to a Chicago-based nonprofit whose executive director repeatedly has called cops “pigs.” 

Let that sink in for a minute. Black Lives Matter donated 200 thousand dollars to an organization whose leader is anti-police, in a city where record numbers of people are killed in black-on-black violence every year.

This is almost too insane to wrap your head around. The simple fact, to be clear, is BLM does not care about black people, instead lining their own pockets. Thankfully, with the internet and the release of tax information, the dots can be connected, and people can start to see BLM for its grift.

Fox also said:

Equity and Transformation (EAT), established in 2018, is a Chicago-based social justice nonprofit founded “by and for post-incarcerated people,” according to its website. Recently released tax forms for the BLM Global Network Foundation reveal that they gave a “cash grant” of $200,000 to EAT during the 2021 fiscal year.

The group, founded by defunding the police activist and community organizer Richard Wallace, who remains the group’s executive director, has organized protests against police and advocates for reparations.

Just disgusting stuff. Money is funneled into this organization by BLM only makes it crueler.

Wallace, who repeatedly has called police “pigs” and said they need to “defund these b—ards,” posted smiling emojis on his Facebook in response to a 2020 article saying, “54 percent of Americans think burning down Minneapolis police precinct was justified after George Floyd’s death.” In 2015, Wallace took to Twitter to say, “F— the police.”

So let’s recap this; a self-proclaimed Anti-American movement, BLM, donates a large sum of money to a Chicago based group whose leader is overtly anti-police, in a city where the murder of black men by black men is at an epidemic level and where the police are severely underfunded already.

The BLM Global Network Foundation received $77 million in contributions during its 2021 fiscal year, and it ended it with $42 million in assets.

BLM is a scam. Maybe it wasn’t always, but the version we are left with now is nothing more than an anti-American, race-baiting grift designed to divide this country further and enrich the people running these organizations while doing ABSOLUTELY nothing to prove that Black lives do matter to them.

We can all agree that BLACK LIVES MATTER is a basic statement of fact. Still, as an organization, it’s a cancer in our country that hopefully, more people will come to recognize and eventually can be excised.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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