Dems Losing Black Support As 100s of African Americans Candidates Run for GOP

As the Dems continue to move towards an increasingly radically-left agenda, their support from BAME communities continues to wane.

Black Americans are now shifting their support to the GOP in unprecedented numbers. 100 black Republican candidates are running in primary elections so far in 2022, over 70 of whom are standing for Congress.

In recent years, the Dems have seen a huge dip in support from minority groups including black and Latino voters, who have traditionally been a fairly stable support bloc for the blues.

Since Joe Biden’s presidency, an Associated Press-NORC poll suggested that African-American support for Democratic Congress candidates fell from 56 percent to just 25 percent in March, while approval ratings for Biden among black Americans fell by 30 points since his presidency.

Similarly, a Marist list survey last month concluded that only 39 percent of Latinos would now vote Democrat.

The shift is undoubtedly a direct result of the Dems losing touch with the issues working class Americans face on a day-to-day basis in favour of pushing champagne socialist nonsense and focusing on meaningless woke ideology.

Many ethnic minorities also feel that Democrat candidates often make big promises to the black community but then fail to deliver on their word upon election:

They ask for our vote, and then we don’t see them again,” said New Pennsylvania Project director Kadida Kenner.

“[That approach] likely won’t be enough to win Black voters this year.”

It’s clear that many black Americans are beginning to feel that the divisive, race-obsessed agenda pushed by Biden’s Democrats is actually detrimental to true equality and contributes to a negative and regressive impact on black communities:

“President Joe Biden and the Democrats are losing more and more ground with Black voters; the poll numbers do not lie,” said RNC National Spokesman and Director of Black Media Affairs, Paris Dennard.

“Biden’s progressive policies have disproportionally hurt Black Americans, causing more Black voters to reject Biden – and the Democrat Party.”

She added that this could be an “end of an era” for Democrats being able to rely on the ethnic minority vote, as Republican ideology generally blows away the fluff and focuses on the practical issues and problems hard-working Americans face.

The GOP’s level-headed, rational and inclusive ideology that skin color does not dictate political views or automatically pigeonhole an individual’s principles is proving to be an increasingly desirably message ethnic minorities.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel pointed out in an article in Hill that black GOP Congressional candidates like Texas’ Wesley Hunt and Michigan’s John James are “proof that skin color doesn’t dictate values or political affiliation”.

Democrats’ failed promises, polarizing agenda and rising prices are catching up with them. We’re building relationships and making significant investments in these communities. We’re winning over new voters by taking our message of freedom and opportunity to their doorstep,” she added. 

As the midterms loom in November and with the Dems hanging on by the slimmest majority in modern history, Biden’s party’s determination to champion identity politics could end up proving their downfall.

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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