Duggar Receives Light Sentence for His Crime; Has More Kids Than Prison Time

Josh Duggar finally faces the music for his sick sexual fantasies and inappropriate behavior. Josh Duggar has been the center of multiple scandals starting in 2015 when it was revealed he had molested four of his sisters. This led to TLC canceling the parent’s show “19 Kids and Counting”. Although authorities investigated the allegations in 2015, once they came to light, it was determined that the statute of limitations had expired. After it became public that Josh Duggar had previously assaulted his sisters, he apologized, and then shortly later, he had to apologize to his wife for cheating on her publicly. At that time, he claimed to have a pornography addiction and said he was seeking treatment.

It appeared that Josh Duggar was complying with treatment for his sexual indecency issues for a short period. Then a Little Rock police detective found child porn on a computer shared by Duggar. The images were downloaded in 2019 to a computer at a car dealership that Josh Duggar owned. Investigators testified to the fact the pictures depicted illegal acts with children. In April of 2021, Josh Duggar was arrested for having these disgusting images on his computer. Prosecutors noted that Dugger had a computer with a partitioned hard drive to avoid accountability software that would report inappropriate searches concerning his treatment for pornography addiction.

He was convicted of receiving child pornography and sentenced Wednesday to 12 1/2 years in prison. However, prosecutors asked the judge to give Duggar the maximum sentence of 20 years because of his deep-seated perverse and violent sexual interest in children. While asking for the maximum sentence, prosecutors cited the ages of the children involved in the graphic images and the alleged abuse of his sisters. They also stated that they did not believe he would amend his conduct due to past failures by Duggar in doing so and that he had a willingness to act on his perversions.

A day before the sentencing, his defense team asked for the guilty verdict to be overturned on insufficient evidence. However, instead of overturning the guilty verdict, they asked for a new trial. After the sentencing, Josh Duggar’s defense attorney Justin Gelfand said that he was grateful his client did not receive the maximum sentence and that they would immediately file an appeal within 14 days. However, there has been no word yet from Josh Duggar’s famous family or from the Family Research Council he used to lobby for previous to his troubles starting with the law.

Many on Twitter were thankful that he was at least sentenced but felt it was a little light. Some said that he should be given the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and register as a level three sex offender for the rest of his life. They claimed he deserved no mercy. However, many were unhappy and felt that he would re-offend again as soon as he was free from prison walls.


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