Florida Teacher Fired for Discussing Her Pansexuality

Let’s face it, America in 2022 is not the best place, particularly as a teacher, particularly in the state of Florida to be discussing your sexual preferences with your students.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the age group that falls under Florida’s Parental Rights Bill, or if it’s middle school, or teenagers. Just don’t do it. Stick to the curriculum.

Well, a Cape Coral, Florida teacher found that out recently, the hard way.

According to the New York Post, 

Cape Coral art instructor Casey Scott said her students were curious about her sexual orientation and she explained to them that she was pansexual during a lesson in March, NBC2 reported.


“A discussion happened in class and because of that, now I’m fired,” Scott told the outlet.

Quick question. Whatever happened to “none of your business”?

Just for clarity sake, pansexual means someone who is basically attracted to anyone of any gender, regardless of their orientation. Not confusing at all, right?

The Post goes on to report,

Scott, who is married to a man, said the kids at Trafalgar Middle School then created flags representing their own sexuality and gender identities ranging from transgender and non-binary to gay.

The first-year teacher posted their creations to her classroom door before administrators told her to take them down.

“They said it would be in the best interest if I got rid of them now,” she told NBC.

Now, I don’t want to suggest the idea that a normal middle school class, in a nice town like Cape Coral, Florida wouldn’t have students that identify as transgender, non-binary, and gay, but how many kids at this age have been so heavily influenced by teachers like Casey Scott that they think it’s cool, or trendy to be different, i.e, trans or non binary.

Gay is gay, as I fully remember in school growing up, and as adults we correctly knew who the gay kids were. No big deal. However, the boom in the numbers of trans and non-binary could possibly be linked directly to teachers pushing their own radical agendas. This is the very reason for Florida’s new law.

Either way,

The subject matter angered some parents and students who wrote to administrators to voice their displeasure, officials said.

Scott, who was working on a probationary basis and not part of the teachers union, was eventually told not to return to campus and that her contract was being terminated.

The district noted that her dismissal was for not following curriculum, which makes sense since I highly doubt the curriculum included drawing pictures of one’s sexuality.

People are free to live as they want in America, undoubtedly, and I’m sure Casey Scott, who is married to a man btw, may have had good intentions.

However, parents also have a right to make sure their children aren’t being exposed to any teachers’ alternative lifestyle choices without their consent.

Sadly, Casey Scott learned this lesson the hard way. Hopefully as a result, more teachers in Florida and around the country will be more thoughtful when sharing details of their personal lives with students.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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