George Soros Backs Stacey Abrams Campaign With $1 Million Donation

The election system in the U.S. is full of loopholes, some intentional and others just the bi-product of poor planning by those involved in establishing the processes.

As with financial transactions, including the stock market, those with the knowledge, resources, and opportunity are able to maximize their investments, unlike the majority of smaller investors who are more prone to lose their hard-earned money as they don’t have much impact on the overall flow of the market.

Globalist left-wing billionaire George Soros has spent over a billion dollars trying to influence, aka “buy” elections. Soros reaches all the way down to local voting precincts and frequently supports radical District Attorney candidates in major metro markets.

With Georgia now on the list of states the left believes they can flip, Soros contributed $1 million to Democrat Stacey Abrams’ second campaign for the governorship of Georgia.

What about caps on donations you might ask? In Georgia, special PACs are allowed to send unlimited individual contributions to a political candidate’s campaign.

The donation was made to a political action committee in March before a judge ruled that Abrams would have to win the Democrat primary on May 24 before using the funds on her campaign.

A filing with the Federal Election Commission documented the donation from Democracy PAC II, a federal committee organized to influence the 2022 elections. Soros has financed the committee with $125 million worth of funding.

Soros has also personally donated to Abrams’ campaign giving about $60,000 directly to her campaign.

The Democracy PAC was first established in 2019 and utilized more than $80 million in the 2020 elections according to a report in Politico.

Georgia, which has been known as a red state, has not elected a Democrat governor for almost two decades. In the most recent polling, Abrams came in at 45% of the state’s registered voters polled while Republican incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp topped her support at 50%.

Kemp, however, needs to defeat a primary challenge from former Senator David Perdue. Perdue’s numbers came in lower than Kemp’s, at 48%, which would give Abrams theoretically a better opportunity if running against him.

Abraham has a checkered past and has still not conceded to Kemp after losing to him in the election for governor in 2018.

Abrams also has reportedly raked in big bucks between Georgia governor bids.

​When Stacey Abrams first ran for Georgia governor in 2018, she was worth slightly more than $100,000.

Today, as the Democrat makes a second bid for the office, her bottom line has improved substantially. ​

“In state disclosures filed last month, Abrams said she is worth $3.17 million, a far cry from the $109,000 in her bank account when she ran four years ago,” the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

In February, Abrams during the time she was promoting the need for a statewide mask mandate, was forced to apologize after public outrage ensued following the release of a photograph of her smiling maskless while school children and teachers stood behind her with masks.

After initially defending the photo and accusing her opponents of smearing her, she finally apologized and admitted it was a mistake.

Come on Georgia, make sure you don’t let a Great Reset globalist like George Soros buy the Georgia Governorship, especially for a radical like Stacy Abrams.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Follow me on Twitter and MagaBook  

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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