Jim Crow on Steroids? Biden’s Pants on Fire in Georgia!

We were led to believe the slew of voter laws passed in states like Georgia were restrictive, racist and “unamerican” because Republicans were trying to make it harder for folks of color to vote.

Joe Biden’s, never one to miss the opportunity to divide and lie, even went so far as to call Georgia’s new voter laws “Jim Crown on steroids”.

Turns out, Georgia’s new voter laws aren’t  even Jim Crow on a multi vitamin. According to Georgia’s own Secretary of State website, it’s quite the contrary.

As the second week of early voting for Georgia’s 2022 primary election continues, Georgia voters are turning out in record numbers across the state. Through Tuesday, May 10th, over 250,000 people have early voted in Georgia—a 239% increase from the same point in the early voting period in the 2018 primary election and a 160% increase in the same point in the early voting period in the 2020 primary election. Georgia has had record early voting turnout since the first day of early voting this year, surging to nearly three times the number on the first day of primary voting in 2018 and double that of 2020, and has continued on that path since.

Wow! That’s quite the contrary! I’d expect Republicans would be a little more savvy and effective if they were trying to keep people of color from voting! Shame on you Republicans.

Now, if anyone should know what Jim Crow in America looks like, it should be Joe Biden, since he is so old he likely had many a lunch at his own counter.

This can only lead to one conclusion. Joe was fibbing. What, you say? There’s no way our president would tell us a blatant lie? Sad, right?

So if Joe was lying, what does that say about Coke, Hollywood, Major League Baseball, and the slew of celebrities, athletes and talking heads that decried Georgia and their racist voter laws?

Well, I’d say they were all lying. Or too lazy to do research. Or stupid. Likely a combination of all of the above. Basically a combo platter of lies, deceit, and manipulation meant to keep voting laws from correcting the shadiness of 2020.

Why would Dems do that? Why would they lie and manipulate? Probably because they realize America is onto their nonsense and a red wave is coming the likes America has never seen.

The record early voting turnout is a testament to the security of the voting system and the hard work of our county election officials,” said Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger. “As Secretary of State, I promised to strike a strong balance between access and security in our elections, and these numbers demonstrate that I kept that promise and that voters have confidence in Georgia’s elections.”

You know, like a fair, safe election SHOULD be. Not like the farce of 2020.

Also we would be remiss if we didn’t call out the blatant racism Democrats displayed by suggesting black people aren’t smart enough to use the internet, or get an ID. Dang, I thought Republicans were the racists. Lesson learned.

So let’s celebrate Georgia and the success of their improved, more secure voting laws.

Oh, and can someone call the fire department? Sleepy Joe’s pants are going up in flames, again.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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