Not Content To Call Conservatives Deplorables, the Left Finds New Names

Without humor where would we be? Now that the left is not content with calling us Deplorables, misogynists, bigots, racists, anti-vaxxers, and a whole host of other insults that have been foisted upon conservatives for the past six years, they have come up with the label “Ultra MAGA”. Why is it that the left can’t have discourse without insulting a person or calling them a name? The newest label though is amusing. Let’s deconstruct the label “ultra MAGA.” Ultra means very or extremely, or in new leftist speak “extremist”.  MAGA we all know is short for Make America Great Again.  How is this an insult again? Who exactly came up with this name to call us? Well the answer to that is quite interesting actually, it’s Mr. unity President Biden himself.

This from the man who promised to unite the country and end the dangerous divisive rhetoric. He’s not the most popular president either.

We were promised unity, togetherness, equality, and living happily ever after. OK they didn’t promise the last part But they act like that’s what it is. Instead we continue to get more divisiveness, more rhetoric, more emotional hysteria, more corruption, and we edge ever closer to a civil war.

More on that point, it isn’t even conservatives that are being aggressive back. It’s the extremist left which are pushing conservatives into a corner and calling for violence against conservatives. Just recently the Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot called for violence against conservatives, and nothing is being done to her. Like anyone else would be in jail for inciting a riot or abuse under the color of law but Lori Lightfoot just gets to continue to spew verbal diarrhea all over the world. Why isn’t she held to the same standard of every other citizen in the United States?

Lightfoot isn’t the worst among them as we have people at the federal level such as Maxine waters and Chuck Schumer calling for violence against conservatives. Still no one has faced any consequences for this irresponsible and inappropriate use of power against almost 50% of the population.

It would be the same as standing on top of a platform and a senator saying we need to beat all women until they obey us. It’s literally the same thing except instead of being a protected class of people that’s being targeted, it’s OK to target conservatives for some reason. So every time they say we need to go after conservatives in their workplaces, in there places of worship, and at the polls just think to yourself if that was women. What if it were homosexuals?

It’s not OK to do that and it isn’t because they are protected classes of people. Women are 50% of the population just like conservatives, so it isn’t like they’re a minority in this country. You try one time though to say that women should be targeted at their workplace, their places of worship, and taken down anywhere you can find them. You will see everyone get angry at you because that is inappropriate behavior. That isn’t how you are supposed to convince everyone you’re right.

This behavior is endemic throughout the entire Democratic Party.

At what point will the Democratic Party be labeled a terrorist organization because they certainly have become one.

This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post

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