Pelosi Flops Again. Tries To Promote Abortion on Mother’s Day

As a political writer, I am immersed in everything from the collapse of the dollar to The Great Reset.

Over the past few decades, the actions taken by the 2 main political parties have become more predictable as the center aisle has disappeared on Capitol Hill.

Having said all this I was surprised to see the out-of-touch mentally declining Speaker of the House argue for abortion on a day when motherhood is being celebrated nationwide. It’s Mothers Day Nancy!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticized those who do not support abortion during an interview on Sunday, saying that viewpoint was “disrespectful” to women.

Pelosi’s remarks were made on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” with Margaret Brennan.

The comments come after an early draft of a United States Supreme Court majority opinion leaked last week that indicated the controversial Roe v. Wade decision would likely be struck down.

The draft, written by Justice Samuel Alito, stated that “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start” and “we hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled.”

“This is a constant fight that we’ve had for generations, decades, I should say in my case in the Congress that we had been bipartisan early on, support for a woman’s right to choose until the politics have changed,” Pelosi claimed. “And that’s what happened with the court. The science hasn’t changed … but the court changed.” Pelosi added.

The proceeding statement, “the science hasn’t changed” is obviously incorrect as anyone who thinks and can use the Internet, can watch the development of a baby from conception through birth.

Surgeons are now doing heart and other surgeries on babies in the womb helping them live long and healthy lives following birth. Roe V Wade was decided by 7 old men who did not have the knowledge of what happens during a baby’s development.

After claiming that it was the “politics” of the Supreme Court that had changed, Pelosi said that when Democrats held majorities in both chambers of Congress as recently as 2009, they were “not” a “pro-choice” party.

“This is about something so serious and so personal and so disrespectful of women,” she said. “Here we are on Mother’s Day, a week where the court has slapped women in the face in terms of disrespect for their judgments about the size and timing of their families. So, the fact is, let’s keep our eye on the ball. The ball is in the court of those justices.”

“The enshrinement of Roe v. Wade into the law is the way in order to protect a woman’s right to choose,” Pelosi later added. “But this year, either for the enshrinement of Roe v. Wade, or you’re not. It’s the law of the land.”

The fact that America is fighting over the ability of mothers to have their pre-born children killed in the womb, with the dead babies’ mutilated bodies then sold to medical research and other entities, is evil and it says loudly how morally bankrupt we have become.

The United States has fallen from being the city on a hill.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Follow me on Twitter and MagaBook

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics

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