Raven Saves Friend’s Life From Half Way Across the World

The modern world is full of many modern inventions, and it seems like they cause more problems than they help, but in Britain, there’s a teenager that’s alive today thanks to online gaming with friends halfway across the world. Seventeen-year-old Aidan Jackson from Widnes in Cheshire had been gaming with Raven online for many years. During one of those typical gaming sessions, Aidan started to have a seizure. His mother was downstairs but was unaware that her son had a medical emergency at the time. It was only his friend Raven, all the way in the state of Texas in America, that was aware something was amiss. Raven searched online for all the proper authorities in Aidan’s local area as he fell silent and gasped. She called the local authorities to help him, and after 40 minutes, they arrived at Aidan’s home, which surprised his mother. She never heard any call for help and never knew that her son had such a severe seizure.

After his near-death experience, he was capable of getting medical attention. Afterward, he was invited by the media to appear on an American talk show, where he finally met Raven in person for the first time in front of an audience. Although he was thrilled to meet his online friend, he wished that he had been able to meet her before being at the studio. He said it was very emotional and that he had always planned to meet Raven, but he never expected this to be the way the two met. He said, “It was sort of disheartening because we’d made the plans weeks in advance, and those two got to meet and have food in Times Square. I had to stay in the hotel.”

He is now 19 years old and works as a bartender in Widnes. He also fundraises to provide defibrillators for his local community. Recently he disclosed that he would soon be able to buy the 25th defibrillator for his community.

The near-death experience didn’t change the teen; however, he had always been trying to help his community. First, the teen started a Christmas challenge in Widnes to raise money for Children in Gambia wherein customers bought an ornament for a pound and half went to the charity. Then in 2016, he had a fundraiser at 14 years old wherein he filled Widnes Select Stadium with 10,500 toys to support the Olivia Alice Foundation. Olivia Alice was a personal friend of Aiden, who passed away due to her disabilities. Previous to his teddy bear fundraiser for the Olivia Alice Foundation, Aiden raised 6150 pounds by swimming the length of the English Channel over three months at the Beechwood pool and Runcorn.

It appears nothing can keep Aidan back. Long before his brush with death, he knew how to live life. Aidan was fortunate enough to see a little bit of the kindness he put into the world come back to him.


This story syndicated with permission from My Faith News

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