Socialist Loon Calls For Homeless to Break Into Empty Homes

Democratic Socialist. Interesting title. I know what a Democrat is, and I know what a socialist is.

It turns out that if you get them wet, smoosh them together, and let them dry, you get a full-blown crazy person bent on ruining our country!

The best of both worlds, right? Or the worst, actually, as if anyone thought there’s a fate worse than being a Democrat.

Guess what, kids, there is!!

Check out this little slice of crazy via Fox News:

Washington Democratic congressional candidate Rebecca Parson has a bold idea to get Congress to pass housing legislation: have a million people break into empty houses.

Parson, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, is running to represent Washington’s 6th Congressional District. In a video ad, she outlined what she and her followers can do if she wins.

Pretty genius stuff, right? Let’s have a million homeless people break into empty houses! What could go wrong?

I’m sure this is just an extreme example intended to illustrate exactly what this whack job Rebecca Parsons means. Or is it?

Fox continued:

Occupying buildings is nothing new for Parson. In 2020, she was a spokesperson for the group Tacoma Housing Now, which organized a group of homeless people in 16 rooms at a motel in Fife, Washington. The group paid for one night for the rooms, then demanded that the city and state government pay as the people refused to leave, according to local KING5.

Oh, snap! This nutty bar has orchestrated stuff like this before!

I can’t imagine a better place for something like this to happen than ultra lib, lefty Washington, but come now, what type of perverted sense of social justice do you have to possess to even begin to think this is ok?

Not to be callous, because some folks are homeless for reasons entirely out of their control, and they should have services to meet their specific needs, should they seek them out. The rest? I have little sympathy for the segment that considers themselves “free spirits” or folks that refuse to be “slaves to a corporate machine.” Nope, you’re just lazy bums. Sorry, not sorry.

Fox also reported:

“The minimum wage shouldn’t be $7.25. It shouldn’t be $15. It should be $30,” she tweeted, adding that this “is the bare minimum in every county in the US for an adult with a kid to afford housing, food, healthcare, basic necessities.”

False. I raised kids on much less. The minimum wage IS NOT INTENDED to be a living wage. If there is no incentive to better yourself or make more money, you will be content to NEVER try harder. Why do libs find this so hard to understand?

A $30 minimum wage is laughable, wholly unfair, and unsustainable for businesses. But when have people like this ever been able to understand economics?

Of course, Parsons won’t win; however, the danger here is clear. If this type of thinking ever took root, the ultra far left would be so militant that their fan base would embrace almost any nonsense, including breaking into houses and a $30 minimum wage.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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