The Cackling Hens at the View Exonerate Biden

The View is simply the gift that keeps on giving. Nary a day goes, that one of the disgusting, anti American, leftist hacks on the ABC show (figures), doesn’t say something either incredibly ignorant, incredibly racist, or astoundingly stupid.

Well, Wednesday was no exception! Thanks “ladies”.

So what are the gory details? Fox News said:

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said during Wednesday’s episode of “The View” that gas prices were not bad “because of anything [President] Biden did,” adding that “it’s just what he’s going to absorb.”

During a discussion about the primary elections happening across the U.S., guest host and former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham interjected and said that the country’s “not doing well” and the president “does need to get some stuff in order” ahead of the midterms.

“We have got high gas prices, we do have inflation,” Grisham said, adding that farmers can’t afford fertilizer or fuel in the Midwest. 

“People really are suffering at the grocery store. There are a lot of things going on and I think that could affect the polls, I do,” Grisham said. 

Goldberg chimed in and said that “everybody is suffering,” adding that blame should be placed where it belongs. 

Fair enough, right? Anyone with a functioning brain cell can tell you that is the country’s general state. So what did the mental titans, namely Whoopi Goldberg, who isn’t Jewish, by the way, have to say? Let’s expand on her “thoughts.”

Goldberg said, “Gas prices aren’t bad because of anything Biden did, it’s just what he’s going to absorb.” 

Sunny Hostin added, “There is also a war going on in Ukraine.” 

Hold up, what? Gas prices aren’t because of anything Joe did? So what can they be attributed to? Indeed NOT the war, as prices have steadily risen since old Joe took office. Greedy corporations? Is it a corporation’s responsibility to lower its profit margin even though its production is reduced? The oil companies are a business, and businesses are supposed to turn a profit. So is it Trump’s fault? Hardly. What about COVID?

No, energy prices are a DIRECT RESULT of the administration’s energy policies. Grandpa Joe’s policies are bad. Very bad indeed.

The lust to appease the far, far left, “Green New Deal” zealots has driven the administration to take harmful, unnecessary actions in the name of the climate.

Whoopi doubled down with this nugget of wisdom:

Goldberg also said that the baby formula crisis “was not on him [Biden].” 

“Nobody ever says, you know, here’s the cause of this, and here’s how we have to fight this,” she said. 

“He doesn’t do everything I want him to do, he does a lot of stuff I’m very happy with, but he doesn’t do everything,” Goldberg noted, adding that she was going to “give everybody their due, when they do do something that they’re supposed to do.”

Whoopi, if you are the PRESIDENT, if things are crap, it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! The President is in charge of the country. The buck stops at the top!

Grisham said that Goldberg proved her point and that people don’t understand what’s going on, and that was going to affect the polls. 

Goldberg argued that it wouldn’t affect the polls “if we tell [people] what’s going on.” 

Well, thanks, Whoopi! Thanks, View! Nothing the nation needs more right now than for some of the stupidest human beings on the planet to tell us, dumb peasants, what’s up! No wonder the nation is a s**t show right now.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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