The Left Claims Ben Shapiro Got “Destroyed” in This Clip, but the Only Thing Destroyed Was This Kid’s Dignity (Watch)

The left predicates its entire existence on lies and falsehoods. I have often asked ignorant, confused friends to pick any political topic, specifically a position held by modern-day Democrats (i.e. radical Marxists) and I am prepared to show them how those positions are not only just wrong, but often inhumane, dehumanizing, or downright evil. 

Unfortunately, this usually ends a conversation rather than starting one. The reason why is obvious. Conversation, particularly one that explores and upholds the truth, dismantles every aspect of leftist ideology. Most people would rather not confront their prodigious cognitive dissonance.

Despite obviously being wrong – yet hubristically displaying extreme self-assuredness in their position – leftists love to pretend that shouting louder, talking over someone, or simply cobbling feel-good pablum together makes for a compelling argument. Hint: it doesn’t.

And so it was with a recent Q&A session at one of The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro’s many college speeches. As with many of his conservative peers, Shapiro welcomes dissenting voices to the microphone. Amazingly, these self-righteous airheads keep volunteering to embarrass themselves on camera.

What follows can only be described as the preeminent display of soy boy foolishness. A physically and intellectually weak male who allows emotions to dictate his decisions, attempted to debate the idea of wokeness with Shapiro. While some idiots on Twitter suggested otherwise, it simply didn’t go well for him. Watch:

From the beginning, Shapiro is clearly not going to be able to speak. Leftists are not interested in answers, they are only interested in compliance. This back and forth demonstrates that perfectly. This rube asks a question, doesn’t like where it’s headed, so immediately moves to shut down the response.

Shapiro started to establish his premise by noting: “What wokeness suggests is that fundamental institutions in American society – “

After that he is cut off. Astoundingly, from the eleven-second mark all the way to about the forty-five-second mark, Shapiro can do nothing except attempt to answer the clueless student, to no avail. This byproduct of the government’s monopoly on education constantly interjected, cut off, and otherwise told pointless anecdotes that didn’t advance the conversation in the slightest.

Shapiro is able to sneak in one sentence before being shouted down again, saying: “There are racist people who exist. The argument you’re making  – and I’m going to close with this because this is going in a weird direction – “

Again, Shapiro gets cut off, all the way from the fifty-second mark to well over the one-minute mark in the video. Finally, Shapiro is able to expand on his commentary:

“Your definition is inaccurate. The reason your definition is inaccurate is because any sentient human being would acknowledge that history has consequences. But if the idea is – but that’s not what wokeism is. Wokeism is a different thing. Wokeism suggests that all inequalities of today are attributable to not only online historic injustices but also continuing injustices in the the now  and that disparities attributable to discrimination – “ 

Once more, from the 1:25 mark in the video for almost the next full minute, the person whom will get his college debt relieved by taxpayers like me and you, stammers, cuts off, protests, and hurls outrageously false insinuations and dominates the microphone. If he isn’t proof government schools and colleges produces morons, I don’t know what else to say.

This story syndicated with permission from Hailey Sanibel, Author at Trending Politics

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