World Health Organization Trying to Usurp 194 Governments (VIDEO)

The World Health Organization up a subsidiary of the United Nations, appears to be putting effort towards undermining 194 countries’ sovereignty and setting regulations, by pushing for a global treaty that would give them control over the health of all humans worldwide. The decision will be voted on May 22nd through the 28th at the World Health Organization World Health Assembly. The treaty would give The WHO power to make decisions in other countries as to how people would live, how they deal with pandemics, whether there would be lockdowns, and if there would be mandates on what treatment, if any, would be given.

In an open letter on the WHO’s pandemic treaty, the World Council for Health writes, ““The proposed WHO agreement is unnecessary, and is a threat to sovereignty and inalienable rights. It increases the WHO’s suffocating power to declare unjustified pandemics, impose dehumanizing lockdowns, and enforce expensive, unsafe, and ineffective treatments against the will of the people.”

If WHO are able to successfully get these treaties ratified worldwide, we would in essence have a worldwide government when it came to health. This means that your health would no longer be a concern between you and your doctor. This also means that everyone would have the same access to health, or lack of access, as it may be. In countries that do not have legal euthanasia, it could be pushed as a way to cull the ill in a deadly pandemic to “prevent the spread” just as governments have done to birds over the bird flu. While this is possible, it is unlikely. What isn’t unlikely however, is mandated vaccines which haven’t been properly tested as safe or effective pushed on a worldwide scope. When we see that the vaccines have a very high reaction rate and a very high death rate compared to other vaccines, what’s the difference between that and forced euthanasia?

In the process of creating this Supra Global Health Governance, it will also create more layers of bureaucracies that money can be laundered through, that lobbyist can buy off, and people who can be controlled via various means. The less people involved in governing the many, the better it usually is. When there are too many rulers and not enough people being ruled, because let’s face it, they’re basically parasites that live off of our hard work by siphoning funds from our tax dollars to their pockets, the proletariat class begins to be crushed by a tax burden that is enormous in order to support this bureaucratic ruling body. The last thing we need is a bunch of busybodies telling us what to do with our own bodies and making us pay for the privilege.

The WHO wants to push this treaty through quickly without public participation in an undemocratic and unconstitutional way. The worst part of these rule changes would be the amendments of  which they would not require the approval of 2/3 of the United States Senate. That’s because at that point it isn’t approving a treaty, it is only amending a treaty we are already a part of. If it’s approved as submitted by the United states by a simple majority of the member countries these amendments would later enter into a force as international law within six months. The Biden administration is destroying the Constitution by making us a part of a global government, it essentially wipes out our nation’s sovereignty.


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