A Brand-New Poll Reveals Whether Or Not Americans Trust The Govt. With ‘Red Flag’ Gun Laws

A new poll published by the Trafalgar Group, in partnership with the Convention of States has revealed that a plurality of Americans believe that the government will abuse “red flag” gun control laws, proving once again that the people of this great nation are far smarter than the politicians who represent them in Congress.

I mean, it should really be a no-brainer that you cannot trust the government with any sort of law that seeks to place a limitation on one of your constitutional rights. Look at the track record of the government thus far. Have they ever given any of us a single reason to trust them with anything?

The last thing we need is the federal government attempting to try and keep us safe from gun violence. I mean, they tried to keep us “safe” from the coronavirus, and well, you see how that turned out.

Besides, it’s not their job to protect us from gun crime.

According to Just The News, the vast majority of Democrats, 53.3 percent, stated they don’t believe red flag gun laws have “the potential to be abused by local authorities and government officials to disarm their political opponents and/or citizens who disagree with them.”

One-third of the Democrats who were surveyed stated they were “not sure” what the implications of these laws might be.

Those 53.3 percent of Democrats have actually swallowed the “we’re from the government and we’re here to help” line, which is why they are successfully being robbed blind economically, and also willingly handing over their freedoms to the government. They have actually been fooled into thinking the government has their best interest at heart.

The gullibility here is amazing.

A whopping 72.2 percent of Republicans have stated that they believe these red flag gun laws are “designed to temporarily take guns away from individuals”  could potentially be abused by government officials. A stunning 52.3 percent of independents agree with the GOP.

There were more Democrat in the poll than conservatives, with independents making up a quarter of the participants.

“The measure includes state funding to implement “red flag” laws and enhanced background checks. The Senate voted Tuesday evening to formally begin debate on the bill by a margin of 64-34,” Just the News reported.

“Americans want real, workable solutions to the mass shootings we are seeing in this nation, but it’s obvious that they don’t see the proposed ‘red flag’ laws as the answer,” Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler went on to say.

“Government officials at all levels have spent the last two years demonizing their opponents and using whatever means possible to censor or threaten those who disagree with them, so the idea that we should now trust those same people to not abuse a law that could infringe on basic constitutional rights is laughable,” he added.

The Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights contained in the U.S. Constitution clearly states that if a power is not part of the list of enumerated powers given to the federal government, it is supposed to be reserved for the states.

We were always supposed to be a group of politic bodies loosely bound to each other through the Constitution to a federal government. States are supposed to have the majority of the power to decide how to handle issues like gun violence.

In reality, local governments are the ones who should be deciding these issues, as that is the government closest to the people that violence impacts. That’s how our constitutional republic works.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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