BIAS: Hosts Of ‘The View’ Pitch Softball Questions To WH Press Secretary

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made an appearance on ABC’s “The View,” where nearly half of the broadcast included her being pitched softball questions by the hosts of the program.

This is a prime example of bias in the media and in entertainment. We all know that had a conservative been invited onto the show, they would have been grilled like a chicken breast on both sides on issues like abortion, gun control, and all sorts of stuff, while the hosts of the show worked hard to craft a narrative that made said individual look like a racist, sexist piece of garbage.

But not Jean-Pierre. She gets easy questions and treated with utmost respect.

According to the Daily Wire’s report, Jean-Pierre was on the program for two full segments. Despite the fact that our economy is currently the top issue on the minds of most American citizens, the hosts of the show devoted the majority of their time with the press secretary to other topics.

The first question focused on the Supreme Court’s ruling — released Thursday morning — striking down New York’s restrictions on carrying a concealed firearm outside the home. “We’re all concerned about potential ramifications. What’s the administration’s thoughts about this ruling thus far today?” Whoopi Goldberg went on to ask Jean-Pierre.

The press secretary danced around the question, stating, “I can’t speak specifically to this ruling just quite yet, but here’s what I can say: This is a president that has done more executive action on gun violence, on stopping gun violence, on gun reform than any other president in their first year, and so he’s going to continue to do the work.”

The Daily Wire then reported, “Co-host Ana Navarro picked up where Goldberg left off, asking Jean-Pierre to weight in on the gun control legislation that was moving through Congress.”

“It’s the first major gun safety legislation in over 30 years, and it has some Republican support, but many feel it doesn’t go far enough to stop shootings like those in Uvalde and Buffalo, and it falls far short of what the president himself as you mentioned had called for. He stayed out of the Senate negotiations. Tell me, do you think that was the right move, and is he satisfied with where they’ve ended up?” she then asked Jean-Pierre.

The press secretary agreed that the bill was being referred to by the Biden administration as an “encouraging” development, however, she went on to clarify that it was just the “first step” in getting where they — presumably the left — really want to go.

For those who might not understand what Jean-Pierre is talking about, it’s clearly a ban on guns. That is no doubt their ultimate goal with gun control legislation.

“For so many time – for so long, I should say, Congress has been – has been saying, has been offering after a mass shooting, you know, thoughts and prayers. Now there is an opportunity to do something,” she commented.

Here are a few more details from the Daily Wire:

Co-host Sunny Hostin turned the topic to the still-pending Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, asking how the White House was preparing to handle the possibility that the decision could potentially overturn Roe v. Wade.

Jean-Pierre made it clear that the White House was considering action should that come to pass.

“As it’s been anticipated, as you just mentioned, Sunny, this ruling that will take away women’s rights, a woman’s rights to choose what she can do with her body, and how she wants to grow her own family, or how she wants to see her life, and so this is something that the president and the vice president have spoken to against the potential of overturning Roe, and so we are looking at all options right now,” she commented.

Sara Haines asked one of the only questions related to inflation, focusing on the gas prices and what the Biden administration planned to do to ease the pain at the pump. Haines noted that even some experts have said that the proposed 3-month pause in the federal gas tax will not have much of an impact on prices, but Jean-Pierre touted them anyway.

After going on to explain how the federal gas tax holiday would help families to save $0.18 per gallon of gasoline, Jean-Pierre then began to push for both states and gas companies to start doing their fair share, arguing that if they would do “their part” we might see gas prices lowered by a whole $1 per gallon.

And while that’s nice, how about we lower it significantly more so that folks won’t end up going destitute just trying to get back and forth to their jobs? That can easily be solved by allowing drilling.

Then Jean-Pierre got back on track with the official narrative, pointing the finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin as the cause behind soaring inflation and gas prices.

“Co-host Joy Behar followed that up by asking about Biden’s economic policies,”‘ the report from Daily Wire said.

Behar also asked about the ongoing January 6th hearings, asking whether Biden’s Justice Department planned to act on any of the findings — and Jean-Pierre made a point to distance the White House from anything that Attorney General Merrick Garland might take from those hearings.

Again, if she had been a conservative, probing questions would have been asked and she would’ve been roasted on both sides. Instead, she was treated with total respect and with kid gloves. It’s both pathetic and ridiculous.

There are things we the people want to know. It’s time Biden provide us with the answers.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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