Celtics Players Plan Bold Move To Protest Gun Violence

Protests. Every day it’s something new to protest. You’d think with all the protesting going on, most of our problems would be solved, seeing as how protesting is so super cool and effective!

Whether it be old school bull horns and picket signs, kitty cat hats at the women’s march, or black-clad Antifa a-holes burning down police precincts, protests have a long and storied history of solving all of the nation’s woes!

Nah, not really. Most protests are pointless wastes of time designed to make a few people feel like they are making a difference. Does anyone else remember “Occupy Wall Street”? How did that turn out?

Yes, I know it is our constitutional right to protest, and I love the constitution. I’m just not sure our founding fathers ever pictured blue-haired, nose ring libs throwing paint on someone’s leather jacket in an effort to save cows.

Either way, we have a fresh protest possibly on the horizon for the NBA finals. What are the details? Per Outkick:

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown admits Celtics players could boycott the NBA Finals as a form of protest against gun violence in America.

That’ll do the trick.

Brown was asked Tuesday if players, coaches, or both would be so bothered by recent gun violence or other things within the country, that they would sit out the Finals. In response, Brown acknowledged it’s a possibility.

“It could (get to that point). You keep an open mind, you never know,” Brown told assembled media members. “Definitely things need to be addressed”.

I think we all agree the recent spate of shootings is sad and tragic. Of course, no mention is ever made of the numerous people, often minority kids, that die from gun violence in Chicago every weekend. Nah, poor black people getting shot by black gang members in the inner city doesn’t sell. You’ll never see Joe Biden at the Bean in Chicago lamenting another tragic life lost.

Brown’s comments came just two days after Finals participants from both Brown’s Celtics and the Golden State Warriors took to the court for warmups in shirts that read “End Gun Violence.”

Prior to Sunday’s Game 2, Warriors coach Steve Kerr commented on the decision from both teams to warm up in the bright orange shirts: “The idea behind wearing the shirts for both teams is to make people aware that they can contribute to different gun safety, gun violence prevention groups.”

Nothing stops a lunatic from unloading on a school, church, or grocery store like a handful of professional athletes in orange t-shirts.

I have to admit, I’m shocked that the t-shirts didn’t do the trick. Of course, it could be because approximately 35 people watch the NBA, even during the playoffs.

I’m also shocked that Steve Kerr didn’t have a bigger impact all on his own. People must not be getting his message from behind the mask he STILL wears.

Also, is anyone else thinking the same thing that I am? That professional athletes are notorious for packing heat? No, just me? I’m sure there are players in the locker room saying “no way bruh, I’m still carrying my gat”. I call my Smith and Wesson my “gat” too. I’m almost an NBA player!

Here’s the thing folks, no pointless, virtue-signaling displays like t-shirts, boycotting games, or anything of the ilk is going to change a damn thing. Those gestures are as worthless as ‘thoughts and prayers” on Facebook.

But by all means, go ahead and refuse to play, I’m sure I can find a rerun of Seinfeld to watch.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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