CNN Analyst Questions Biden’s Cognitive Ability

Conservatives have been questioning Biden’s cognitive ability ever since he hit the campaign trail but it appears now even high-profile Democrats are concerned about Biden. Van Jones of CNN stated on Tuesday that Democrats are paying close attention to President Biden’s late age and admitted that he feels “nervous” over some of the president’s verbal blunders. Jones also stated that Democrats are concerned about President Biden’s advanced age.

Erin Burnett of CNN quoted a recent article from the New York Times in which it was stated that former adviser to Barack Obama’s White House David Axelrod is among the growing number of Democrats who believe that Joe Biden may be too old to run for reelection in the year 2024.  In November, Biden will turn 80 years old; if elected to a second term, he will have reached the age of 86. This is a major concern considering Biden is already the oldest president who has ever held office.

Fox News reported Axelrod saying, “The presidency is a monstrously exhausting job, and the plain reality is that the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term, and that would be a significant concern.”

Watch the moment CNN Anchor Van Jones Questioned Biden’s cognitive ability here:

Fox News had these details to report about Van Jones’s comments:

“I think everybody is looking very closely now, when Biden does well, he does really well. That gun speech he gave it was perfect, he was, it was powerful. When he does badly, when he stumbles, you get nervous,” Jones said. “You wonder is it just his stutter? Is he tired? Or something else there? So I think that… honestly, a lot of Democrats are like, ‘If this guy is ready to go, we’re behind him. But if he’s not ready to go, he should let us know.’”

Politico recently published a scathing opinion piece in which author Jeff Greenfield pointed out Biden is already older than President Ronald Reagan at the end of his second term.

President Biden, already the oldest president to ever hold office, turns 80 in November and would be 86 years old at the end of a second term.

As most of you know, towards the end of President Ronald Reagan’s presidency there were rumors floating around that he had Alzheimer’s. According to staffers, Reagan was;t as sharp towards the end of his presidency then when he was inaugurated, he would also fumble more over his words and forget menial tasks too. Reagan, however, was cleared by White House doctors of any dementia or Alzheimer’s, however, just 5 years after leaving office one of the most beloved presidents of American history would be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

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