CNN Going Straight for Pride Month?

CNN could be going straight for Pride Month!

No, that doesn’t mean what you think it does! Shame on you for even thinking what you are thinking right now.

No, quite the contrary, what CNN is considering is even MORE RADICAL than the LGBTQ agenda!

Sit down for this news if you must. CNN is considering firing some of their “talent” if they can’t take more of a nonpartisan tone!

America 2022. Strange days indeed friends. Strange days, indeed.

So what’s the story? Per Outkick:

New CNN President Chris Licht is evaluating its partisan pundits to see if they can adapt to the planned news-first pivot at the network.

Three sources familiar with the matter tell Axios that Licht will consider firing the talents who cannot adjust to a less partisan tone and strategy.

But each pundit will get a chance to prove their journalistic bones.

“Licht wants to give personalities that may appear polarizing a chance to prove they’re willing to uphold the network’s values so that they don’t tarnish CNN’s journalism brand,” the report details.

This evaluation presumably includes Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Brian Stelter, Brianna Keilar, Oliver Darcy, Van Jones, and Laura Coates.

Wow. So look, I don’t watch CNN. Haven’t since, oh I’d estimate 198-never. Just wasn’t my thing. I certainly don’t EVER watch now. However, by virtue of what I do (this), I am aware of this cast of clowns and the leftist trash they spew. Do I think ANY of them can straighten up and fly right, pun intended? Hell no.

Darcy and Acosta will have no problem undergoing character changes to fit a new company direction. They are stooges who follow orders.

However, Lemon and Keilar are devoted partisans who will not accept a fact-first edict. To tone down or eventually fire either Lemon or Keilar would take a backbone Discovery has not shown it has. 

One can quickly imagine the headlines if the press finds out Licht, a white man, punished black and female talents for spreading woke messaging. The New York Times and Media Matters are waiting to pounce.

I’d imagine Lemon is going to get squeezed (see what I did there?), certainly some will manage to lie and cover their liberal bias, at least long enough to do their segments.

Will anyone watch? Hard to say. No. Well, that was easier to say than I anticipated.

It’s kind of like this, if CNN’s ratings are in the toilet, and they are, when they change their left lean closer to center, where are their few fans going to go? They likely won’t stay with CNN if they aren’t filling their empty heads with the narratives they crave (orange man bad).

Failing those viewers, who’s going to watch? Conservatives? Aw hell no! We know CNN’s history. We tend to keep receipts and don’t forgive quickly.

After watching a network and their “talent” talk about roughly 50 percent of the population like they are idiots and hillbillies, hard to imagine people coming back in droves unless it’s out of morbid curiosity.

My feeling is, that the once-great CNN is in its final days. Much like an aging superstar changes uniforms at the end of his career for one last shot at glory, CNN is changing teams. Unless you are named Brady or Manning it rarely works.

I’m afraid this last gasp Hail Mary is going to fall incomplete.





This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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