Democrats and Brandon Want to Take Our 2A Rights Away, but Are They Willing to Give Theirs Up?

Brandon and his goon squad are at it again. In the wake of recent tragic events, we see yet another push for our favorite gun-grabbing guy.

Brandon told correspondents and the Democratic party Friday that he is a firearm owner, yet that the Second Amendment isn’t absolute. That’s quite the achievement right there. Not the gun-grabbing, but getting full sentences out. Let’s go Brandon!

He along with Democrats will always find a way to twist tragic things into another reason to take our rights away. It’s been said so many times now, but the logic falls on deaf ears every time.

Restricting us – We The People – from our God-given rights to firearms is not only giving the bad guy with guns a major advantage, but it also allows us to not be taken seriously. He often jokes around about not needing AR-15s to go hunting, saying the deer isn’t wearing Kevlar or that if you need 30 rounds to take game down, you must be a terrible shot.

However, the Second Amendment wasn’t written to go hunting. It was written so that we could defend our lives, our loved ones, and defend against a tyrannical government – such as yourself, to which he responds saying our ARs and AKs will do nothing because they’ve got bombs and such. How American is that? What if there’re multiple people breaking into your house and planning on doing things I cannot even mention to your wife, to your kids, and even to you? What if all those people have AR15s or AKs. Do you think any handgun let alone an Elmer Fudd shotgun will stand a chance?

You took an oath, sir, I know you’re probably too old to remember, but you swore that you’d protect our constitutional rights. So, when you try to come gun-grabbing, and trample up and down our rights – and not just the Second Amendment, what exactly are you protecting?

He let the crowd know that he owns two shotguns and that he doesn’t completely believe that the Second Amendment covers all types of guns.

That’s funny because the Second Amendment says: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

These political games say that there are no background checks, only bad people have guns, guns are exclusively used for crimes, and we can walk into any store and buy a gun like a piece of bubble gum. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. We must adhere to a background check every single time we get any type of firearm. From the tiniest .22 to class III NFA weapons. We sometimes are hindered in our buying by being put on hold to wait for our paperwork to go through sometimes lasting days. Additionally, yes guns are used for hunting, but also used for saving lives – and that’s a statistic and news story you’ll never see on mainstream because it doesn’t fit the narrative to disarm America.

Brandon also told donors at the fundraising occasion that equipping school staff was seriously off track. Of course, because it would help harden schools, and would lead to fewer school shootings – in turn leading to fewer chances to push their agenda.

He said: “The idea we’re going to provide the way to deal with gun safety is to provide teachers with guns in classrooms?” Biden said at the event. “There’s a reason why the military takes so long to train somebody. It’s not easy to pick up a rifle or a gun and blow somebody’s brains out.”

To that we say, well – the school shooter did it, didn’t he? It’s not rocket science to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. We’re not fighting the heart of the problem, and as long as we aren’t, the problem will never go away.

With that being said, if we entertained his gun-grabbing fetish, would we be safe? Would criminals say ‘oh, there it is, the gun law of all time – time to go turn my illegal guns in’? No! Criminals already don’t care about what laws you want to pass – be it about guns or anything else. Take a look at drugs for example. Things like methamphetamine or cocaine are illegal, but can you still get them? Do criminals still get caught and taken away for being in possession of it? They don’t give a crap about any law passed, and guess what people – the gun shootings will not go away, but instead increase! We’d all be soft targets, and that’s what criminals like to hit – soft targets (like schools.)

Lastly, would Brandon and his goons give up their guns? Would police give up their guns? How about anyone who has a secret service, would they give up their guns? I can guarantee not…And, if they can have ways to protect themselves and their loved ones, how come we – the good guys can’t?

Some might think this Second Amendment protection, talk, videos, and news goes on forever. Some might even think it’s tiring, and I’d agree, but as long as they continue to attack our rights people like us will step up and defend in every which way we can be it through the aforementioned methods, and others. To the true Americans who keep the good fight up, and aren’t willing to bend over and let the government tell you and your family what to do, how to think, and what you can or cannot say – I salute you.

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

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