Democrats Love Abortion, But What About Those Foreign Countries They Adore So Much? Where Do They Stand On The Issue?

Consistent with their mindset of “America Last,” our friends on the left would have us follow the lead of other countries on virtually every issue. Our elections? Do away with the Electoral College and implement the popular vote like they do in Mexico and Brazil. Health care? Let’s be like the Scandinavians and switch to socialized medicine. Gun control? Let’s take away everyone’s guns as they did in New Zealand.

Democrats in America love other countries almost as much as they love abortions. Almost. But there is nothing Democrats love more than abortions – with the possible exception of Drag Queen story hour – since last Friday’s landmark Supreme Court ruling in the Dobbs V. Jackson case. In objection to the assault on their sacrament of abortion, leftists are rioting in our streets, renouncing their U.S. citizenship, and have spurred an assassination attempt on the life of a SCOTUS Justice.

Democrats and their media are currently in a complete mental meltdown over Friday’s decision. Which begs the question: Considering Democrats are so despondent over the Dobbs announcement, what are the abortion laws like in those other countries on which they consistently lavish their affection? Let’s consider a few:


As mentioned, there are perhaps no countries that are more openly adored by American leftists than those in Scandinavia. They admire their socialism, even though they’re not socialist. So, let’s pick one of the Nordic countries and see what the abortion laws are like in Sweden?

Abortions are indeed legal in Sweden, and they are in fact considered a “right.” Fair enough. But there are conditions. You are only allowed to have an abortion until the 18th week of pregnancy. If you want to have one after the 18th week, “you need permission from Socialstyrelsen,” at which point that collection of doctors and medical officials will require the woman to have “special reasons,” such as a risk to her health. It sounds like the Swedes aren’t exactly abiding by the “my body, my choice” mantra, are they?

To put their law into perspective, those misogynists in Sweden actually have a stricter law than those Republican Neanderthals in Indiana, where abortions are permitted up until 22 weeks. Well, I’ll be darned.


Before anyone suggests that Democrats aren’t smitten with the Iranians, let’s reflect on that shipment of billions of dollars of cash – on pallets no less – that the Obama/Biden Administration sent to the ayatollahs in an attempt to convince them to hold off on building nukes and launching them at Israel. Since his inauguration, Biden has endeavored to revive that relationship. Make no mistake: Democrats want nothing more than to snuggle up with the Iranians.

Therefore, the next question is: how does the Islamic theocracy in Iran handle abortions? Brace yourself for this shocker. Not only are abortions almost nonexistent in Iran, they may also be punishable by death. Additionally, contraceptives are also banned, along with tube-tying and vasectomies. Maybe Liz Warren and OAC should send them a video cassette of The Handmaid’s Tale; that ought to do it.


Ah, Ukraine. Wonderful, heroic, admirable Ukraine. It’s a country that up until four months ago, most Democrats couldn’t find on a map with labels and a legend. To this day, we’ll hear so-called Ukraine experts use the article “the” in front of Ukraine as if it was like The Bronx. Nonetheless, we can’t peruse our social media feeds without seeing some clown with a Ukrainian flag posted on their account profile. So, what are abortion rights in Ukraine like?

We know LGBTQ folks in America wouldn’t be thrilled with Ukraine’s approach to their lifestyles, and we also know that Ukraine’s most elite military group, the Azovs, are outright Neo-Nazis. But certainly, Ukraine must have extremely liberal abortion laws, right? As it turns out… not so much.

In Ukraine, women can have abortions “on request,” but only up until the 12th week of pregnancy. Between week 12 and week 28, abortions can be available, but must be approved by a commission of physicians and grounds must be provided. Beyond 28 weeks, abortions are essentially banned. Again, to compare Ukraine’s 12-week threshold to an American state, we could point to Florida with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Currently, abortions are legal up to the 24th week, but there is a pending law that will put the limit at 15 weeks. Yup, DeSantis and Florida are more permissive than their beloved Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine.


The fact is, when you look around the world to determine access to abortion, the world looks very much like America. Countries like Poland, The Philippines, and Nicaragua have mostly outlawed abortion, similar to Utah, Oklahoma, and Missouri here at home. In other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom, abortion is legal up to approximately the time of viability; roughly 24 to 26 weeks, much like Montana and North Carolina.

But in very few civilized countries will we find abortion laws like those in New Jersey, Oregon, and Vermont, which have absolutely no restrictions. In America, one can get an abortion right up until the time of the baby’s birth by merely getting into a car or on an airplane and without ever leaving the country. And Friday’s Dobbs ruling isn’t going to change that dynamic.

Maybe those other countries you love so much, Democrats, aren’t so great after all, are they?

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative author at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker. Follow him on GETTR; he does not do Facebook and Twitter.

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Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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