DeSantis Keeps Winning: Florida Booms While Blue States Bust

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just keeps winning. Throughout the whole of the pandemic, blue state, lockdown crazies criticized DeSantis for keeping Florida open, because science, you know?

Not only did Florida not have mass graves, death, and pestilence, much to the left’s chagrin I might add, but the state thrived. Florida became a shining beacon for what free America USED to be. Many on the left were also caught on the down low, vacationing in the sunshine state. Hypocrites, no?

Of course, why would anyone NOT want to be in Florida? Pristine, warm waters, sandy white beaches, bikini-clad babes. Where else could you reasonably see a panther and an alligator on the same day? Turns out many are making Florida more than a vacation spot. Per Outkick:

It’s hard, if not impossible, to think of any governor who’s been more heavily criticized over the past couple of years than Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Media outlets across the country — national and local — have seemingly made it their goal to bring DeSantis down. His pandemic policies have become a flash point in the debate over how best to handle COVID, with terrified media members endlessly hammering what they considered to be a “lax” response.

“#Deathsantis” repeatedly trended on Twitter, promoted by those desperate to believe that masks worked and their ideological allies hadn’t lied to them.

By correctly understanding early on in the pandemic that mitigation measures were completely ineffective, DeSantis set himself up to become an easy target for media criticism. Most other politicians across the country did the opposite, quickly realizing that they’d never receive negative coverage for doing too much, but would be destroyed by the press for not doing enough.

Florida was lucky. Lucky to have a sensible, levelheaded governor that was more interested in what was scientifically sound and best for his people, rather than succumbing to pressure from the left to choke out his state’s freedom in exchange for meaningless and ineffective lockdown measures.

Now the fruit is coming to bear.

… when looking at the results in Florida, DeSantis’ strategy was an unqualified success. After adjusting for age, the state’s COVID mortality numbers are better than the U.S. average and significantly better than states like New York and New Jersey, which used incessant mask mandates, lockdown restrictions, and closures.

In retrospect, turns out it made perfect sense to protect the most vulnerable, the senior citizens, first while allowing everyone else to go about normal life.

However, here is where the data gets really interesting. People are leaving formerly free America and flocking to Florida in droves.

But beyond the results of the COVID policies, new data from the IRS vindicates DeSantis even further.

In 2020, huge amounts of people left lockdown states like California and New York … and they took their money to Florida.

Florida gained nearly $25 billion in adjusted gross income, while New York and California lost roughly $37 billion combined.

Of course, it’s not just those two states. Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, where schools and businesses were kept closed or severely restricted throughout the year, all lost significant amounts of wealth.

Wow, imagine that. Turns out sensible folks that often like to think for themselves and weigh the risks of life and covid as it relates to them, decided that Florida was the place to be!

Not shocking considering the draconian, dystopian measure some states like California and New York STILL continue to cling to despite the mountains of evidence that clearly prove they were wrong.

My home state of Kentucky has been somewhere in the middle in terms of covid restrictions, but despite all measures being lifted, it’s still my intent to move to the Sunshine state sooner rather than later.

I mean, I DID mention bikini-clad babes, didn’t I?



This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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