Florida Attorney General Blasts This Reckless New York City Policy

Drugs are bad. I think in general most people can agree with that. Especially when we are talking about illicit street drugs.

When misused, even prescription drugs are bad. Drug abuse has touched the lives of literally everyone. It’s sad, unfortunate, but it looks like it is unavoidable.

Especially when you have lib cesspools like New York City actually encouraging and empowering junkies. However, one politician in the Sunshine State is calling out New York.

Here’s what is going on in what’s left of the Big Apple. Per the New York Post:

The Sunshine State officials doubled down on their disdain for a controversial New York City Health Department ad campaign that tells junkies to not be ashamed of their drug habits — ripping Big Apple leaders for going “far off the rails” to deliver a deadly and reckless message.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody tweeted a copy of one of the woke NYC subway ads — which also says druggies should feel “empowered” when they use potentially lethal fentanyl safely, even though the substance was the leading cause of death among Americans ages 18 to 45 in 2020, according to one analysis.

Once again, count on the Sunshine State to be the voice of reason in an insane world.

However, it shouldn’t be like this. Anyone with a functioning brain knows the people’s best interest is not being served when they are encouraged and empowered to abuse drugs.

This is how insane the left has become! Empowering people who already are a drain on society to sink further into their destructive lifestyles. New York City is literally helping people die. Disgusting!

“There is no ‘safe’ way to abuse fentanyl & these ads do not ‘empower’ users — they could get them killed,” the Republican AG wrote Tuesday. “I’m astounded how far off the rails NYC leaders have gone. DO NOT follow their reckless advice.”

Moody also tore into Mayor Adams for continuing the “Let’s Talk Fentanyl” public awareness campaign, first launched by ex-Mayor de Blasio.

Tearing into the utter failure of a Mayor like Eric Adams is low hanging fruit, but kudos to Moody for calling him out.

Fentanyl is a plague on our country, and helping people learn how to use it safely only serves to embolden the cartels and illegal immigrants smuggling it over our southern border.

However, considering the left LOVES illegal immigration, and has no concept of what a border really is, this comes as no surprise.

“It is inconceivable that the New York mayor and Health Department are empowering people to abuse drugs” during a “national opioid crisis,” Moody told The Post.

“There is no safe way to abuse fentanyl, and promoting these ads is beyond reckless,” she said. “Resources for those struggling should be provided by trained and medical professionals, not by politicians and organizations giving dangerous and potentially deadly advice.” 

Folks, it’s clear what we have here. A large segment of our country WANTS people dependent on drugs, and the government. People with hard core opioid habits generally aren’t getting up and going to work in the morning. The Democrats WANT people to be reliant on the government. That is how they maintain control.

The left DOES NOT CARE if you use opioids, fentanyl, whatever responsibly. They want you hooked and reliant on government services. When you overdose and die, they forget about you and move on.

Don’t be fooled! Get these awful people out of power. Vote in November, and in 2024, and let’s begin once again to fight the scourge of illegal street drugs. Lives are at stake!






































This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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