Former FBI special agent condemns Democrats with anti-police behavior while cities suffer crime surges

A former FBI special agent has criticized Democrats for “politicizing law enforcement” while the nation’s cities fail to report critically important crime data for the past year.

The former FBI special agent and former Navy SEAL Jonathan T. Gilliam appeared on “Fox & Friends First” to address the impact of the lack of reporting on the monitoring of violence on city streets.

“I try to stay neutral when I look at these things and say that this is a reason or that’s a reason without the politics, but the reality is, and law enforcement is becoming more and more beholden to leftist mayors and governors and even the president,” Gilliam declared to the co-host Carley Shimkus.

“So when we look at the cities where these reportings are lagging behind, we’re looking at predominantly liberal cities where the majority of crime is taking place,” he continued. “And they have a myriad of excuses, but the reality is the politicization of law enforcement is so out of control that we can’t even get real statistics.”

The FBI is lacking 40% of the crime data for 2021, according to an Axios report, because law enforcement has not sent in voluntary statistics. That number has climbed 15% since 2020.

“The problem is, if somebody is subscribed to the Democrat or liberal way, they are 100% across the board, local, state and federal, the exact same way in that they handle law enforcement and crime,” Gilliam said. “And as we’ve seen, they do nothing effectively even after this last shooting in Texas.

“They’ve come up with nothing that is going to be successful in stopping anything, so it’s just going to get worse,” he continued.

Violent crime has increased in a range of cities across the country, with some cities experiencing a spike of up to 40 percent in 2021 compared to the year prior, according to Fox News Digital. New York City is leading the ranking, with about a 40.6 percent increase in violent crime in the past year.

Failing Democrat Mayors like Lori Lightfoot come to mind when considering how police are treated in blue-run urban cities filled with crime.

Chicago alderman and mayoral candidate Raymond Lopez blames Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot for running the city ‘into the ground’ on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ by allowing the city to be destroyed by criminal activity and violence.

WATCH him ruin Lori Lightfoot’s career in one short video:

Alderman Raymond Lopez is trying to unseat the mayor in the upcoming elections and went on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to voice his opinion about the failing mayor, Lori Lightfoot. This comes shortly after Chicago suffered another round of violence over Memorial Day weekend.

Lopez said: “Chicago is in a state of lawlessness right now thanks to the policies of Lori Lightfoot, who has enabled and emboldened criminals to feel that they can literally get away with murder on the streets of Chicago at any day of their choosing… We have seen not only our law-abiding citizens becoming victims to violence with almost 200 people shot and killed in the city this year so far, but we have also had an officer shot not just yesterday but today as well.”

lori lightfoot morning breath meme 1

There was at least nine fatal shootings in one weekend for Chicago, making it just another few days of violence that they’re sadly becoming accustomed to.

Lopez continued: “Criminals run around knowing that they have the mayor at their side, that Lori Lightfoot is willing to stand up and enable them to be as lawless as they want… Going back for the last two years when she first allowed the righteous protesters to come down and destroy the city of Chicago and in every step since she has tried to deflect and divert attention from her failed policies that have led to Chicago the most American of American cities, a global city, to be run into the ground under her leadership.”

Lopez also scolded President Joe Biden for not acknowledging the criminal activity torching Chicago like a wildfire under Lori Lightfoot’s failed leadership.

Photo: screencap of YouTube video.

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