Fox News’ Gianno Caldwell Eviscerates Chicago’s ‘Soft-On-Crime’ Policies After His Brother Is Murdered

Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell tore the whole city of Chicago a new one over their ridiculously awful — and deadly — “soft-on-crime policies” after his younger brother, Christian, was murdered on Friday.

Chicago has become a cesspool of degeneracy, a home for the criminally minded and lovers of bloodshed and violence. The level of gun crime in the city, which boasts of having some of the strictest gun control measures in the country, has reached unbelievable levels.

And despite all of this, the leadership of the city still does not take the time to find real solutions to bring the violence to an end.

“To say heartbroken wouldn’t even measure it. My family is shattered right now,” an emotionally distraught Caldwell went on to tell WFLD-TV in an interview Monday. “The fact that this continues to happen in this city, one in which I grew up in and one which I love, is utterly disappointing, disgusting. There’s no value for human life here. That value has been eroded over the years.”

Christian Caldwell, 18, was shot along with two other people on the 11400 block of S. Vincennes Ave in the early morning Friday, police said. The other shooting victims were an 18-year-old female who took a wound to the torso and was pronounced dead at the scene, and a male victim, 31, who was listed in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the torso as of Saturday morning, Fox News reported,according to TheBlaze.

According to the report, the suspect in the shooting of young Christian is a not-yet-identified male who opened fire, got back in a black sedan, and headed east, according to information shared by the Chicago Police Department.

Chicago, a city notorious for gun violence, has seen 300 homicides so far this year. While that number is slightly down from this same point last year, that fact is little consolation to the victims’ families,” TheBlaze reported.

“Living in Chicago should not come with a death sentence, but it does for so many people that live here,” Caldwell stated during the interview. “There used to be a time where the violence was concentrated on the south and west sides, but you can walk out of the studio and something happens. That tells me that something needs to change urgently.”

“If it wasn’t my little brother, would I be getting all this coverage for him?” he then asked, clearly heartbroken. “Would people even know his name? No.”

“What about the 5-month-old girl who was just murdered on Friday?” he continued. “You don’t even really know her name. It’s just the fact that it happened to an infant that we’re reading about it.”

The Fox News political analyst then said that folks in the Windy City have become “desensitized” to all of the violence and murder that has now become a regular part of their lives. However, he stated that as a believer in Jesus Christ, he believes there can be a “purpose to this pain” if criminals responsible for evil acts are brought to justice and given an opportunity to be rehabilitated after they serve time for the crimes they committed.

“I’m leaving the studio to go plan a funeral for my baby brother,” he said, breaking down into tears.

“As we think about not just him, but the violence that has been created in Chicago, and some of the policies which have systematically – the soft-on-crime policies which we’ve seen in the city – they have to come to an end,” Caldwell stated.

Caldwell then made the argument that the officials of the city need to “unhandcuff the police” so they can do their job to apprehend violent criminals, going on to say there can be a balance struck between police reform, criminal justice reform, and ending the violence.

“At this point criminals are unafraid of the police, they’re unafraid of the prosecutors, they won’t capitulate to the laws,” Caldwell explained in the interview. “So what do we do next? You’re going to have to throw the book at them. And I understand that we have compassion for people, as we should. But at the same time, if we don’t, your family could be next. Then what? You want to be Gianno Caldwell on Fox 32 talking about his baby brother who was just murdered? Do you want to be that person?”

Caldwell then called for the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, to local law enforcement, and other officials to look at what happened to his brother and do something to crack down on the level of crime in Chicago.

“I want justice for Christian. That is all I want for my baby brother,” he concluded.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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