GHISLAINE SENTENCED: Here’s How Much Jail Time Epstein’s Girlfriend and Accomplice Is Getting

Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend and accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, was just sentenced for her role in his sickening activities, for charges stemming from her involvement in the sex trafficking operation and the other charges she faced in connection with her recruiting and grooming minors on Epstein’s behalf.

A judge, recognizing those crimes and sentencing her accordingly, just sentenced her to twenty years in prison for them, a sentence that means, given Ghislaine’s 60 years of age, she will be spending most if not all of her remaining years in prison. And that’s before considering whether she too will mysteriously “commit suicide”.

The sentence comes after a December trial in which Ghislaine was found guilty on five counts of horrendous crimes, perhaps worst of all being the trafficking of a minor. She was also acquitted on one count: enticing a minor to travel for illegal sexual acts.

According to prosecutors in the case, Maxwell groomed women as young as 14 to be sexually abused by her financier, pedo boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, doing so on his behalf for a decade: 1994 to 2004.

Describing what she did and how, prosecutors said:

Maxwell was an adult who made her own choices. She made the choice to sexually exploit numerous underage girls. She made the choice to conspire with Epstein for years, working as partners in crime and causing devastating harm to vulnerable victims.

The defendant’s access to wealth enabled her to present herself as a supposedly respectable member of society, who rubbed shoulders with royalty, presidents, and celebrities. That same wealth dazzled the girls from struggling families who became the defendant and Epstein’s victims.”

The prosecutors also harped on Ghislaine’s “utter lack of remorse”, with New York District Attorney Damian Williams saying:

Instead of showing even a hint of acceptance of responsibility, the defendant makes a desperate attempt to cast blame wherever else she can.

Though twenty years is a long time, it’s only two-thirds of even the lower range of what prosecutors, who reminded the judge of the many horrific acts perpetrated by Ghislaine on the poor, underage girls, asked for. As the AP reported recently, the prosecutors in the case were demanding a 30 to 55-year sentence.

It’s also less than a third of the maximum range of the amount of time that Ghislaine could have been locked up for. As Just the News reported at the time of her being found guilty, Ghislaine faced “up to 65 years in prison. Count six, sex trafficking of a minor, is the most serious and carries a potential sentence of up to 40 years in prison.”

And so she got only half of the maximum for one of of the charges, though at least she’ll be taken off the streets and locked up for some length of time, unlike many other criminals in now soft on crime America.

Still, it’s more time than the defense team was pressing for: it demanded that she receive only five years, trying to frame her as a victim too,  a line of defense that the judge must have found mostly unconvincing.

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